A boy's life (Kuroko no Basuke fanfic - Kise Ryota)

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"WHAAAAAAT?! What the hell are you saying that I am going to pretend as a boy?!" I shouted to the president of the school I am entering.

Dammit... I am a girl! And they're telling me to pretend as a boy?!

"Well, Konaru-kun-"

"It's not -kun, president! I am a freaking girl! Yes I am boyish and all but I am a girl!" I shouted as I stood up from my chair.

"Sorry, Konaru... but please..." The secretary said humbly, "Be a boy for our school. You're a good basketball player. You could make a girl squeal just by grinning at them... so please." The secretary added. Somehow that is not a compliment for me. It kinda pissed me off but it also made me think twice.

This sexytary is a real beauty...

"Fine... but... how about the jersey of the basketball club? I don't have the muscles for me to look like a guy... And I know I don't have that big things infront of me but I still do have them because I am a girl. I also think that what if someone finds out? ... if I sing, my voice will be just like a girl's. My voice is a girl's voice-" The secretary held a hand up to stop me...

"If it is your breasts I'll help you bandage it every morning... The jersey we'll give you will not be fit and everything, we'll take care of it. Your voice is fine don't worry. If they ask you to sing tell them you are a horrible singe-"

I faked a cough to stop her, "It's not that. How about P.E classes? We'll take our shirts off all together. And... give me one condition..."

"P.E classes, you'll be late everytime... We'll let the teachers know."

"Wait... Teachers? You'll let the teachers know?" I asked. If it's all the teachers then-

"No, the understanding and involved teachers around you only. About the condition... what is it?" The president said with composure on again.

"Uhmm... let me play with my uniform. Like, putting a vest on or what. Just let us do other things other than this plain looking uniform." I said with all my might.

"Uhmm..." The president thought... "Hmmm..." He scratches his chin, "Ahhhh..." he thinks...

"Fine." He said.

"Deal!" I said. And then I went out with a smile.

I opened the doors and there is my bestfriend Hanaruko.

"Hey yow chibi-Hana." I said as I ruffled her short brown hair.

"Stop with the chibi-Hana. Yes I am small and you are tall but you have no right to do that to me. Do you know the thing HUMAN RIGHTS?" She says as she takes my hand off her head.

"Sorry, Hanaruko. But I do know Human Lefts. Not Human Rights." I said as I bend down to her and laughed.

"You... Idiot!" She shouts as she ran after me with her hand held high to slap me.

I laughed, "Sorry, sorry.. okay?" I said with a tear in my eye. I sat on the bench I saw at the main entrance of the school."

"Sit here..." I said as I pat the space beside me.

"I'm not a dog." She said but she sat there.

I faked a laugh.

"So... what happened? I heard you scream out from the outside." She said.

"Well... they told me that I would be listed as a guy in our school." I said as I stretched my arms out.

"Oh... as a guy... hmm... as a gu- WAIT. WHAAAAAT?! WHY DID YOU SAID YES WITH THE IDEA YOU DUMBASS!" She shouted.

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