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Chapter 31~ Everyone

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Dani's POV

Nothing like getting arrested on Christmas Day, it's amazing, right?

As we are driving to the jail or wherever I'm going, I realize it's taking a bit longer than I expected to get there.

"Hey, um, how much longer till we get there?" I ask.

"We are making a pit stop real quick," the officer driving says. We pull up to a little grey house with a red roof and small white windows.

"Where are we?" I question.

"Just get out of the car," the other officer says. I step outside, and before I can attempt to run, they take hold of my arms. I stay silent as we walk inside. They take me downstairs, and the whole place is dark and smells like urine and crap. I can see enough to know that they are taking me to a bed and strapping me in.

"Stay here, your friends will be here soon," the first officer says, and before I can figure anything out, they leave.

After what feels like an hour, three people walk down the stairs, all with familiar voices.

"Well, well, well, we finally got her, never thought this day would come," a guy says, who sounds a lot like Aiden, which after a second I realize is actually him.

"Well, she would have come sooner if Jonah didn't get in the way, where is he now?" A female voice says, which I figure out is Kristin.

"On his way, he thinks you are giving him dirt on the teachers since he failed the midterms," another female voice says, and my heart breaks the most when I realize who it is.


Jonah's POV

When Kristin texted me, I knew something was weird, and it got even weirder when Kyle called me.

"Hello?" I say.

"DANI GOT ARRESTED," he yells.

"What? Today?" I ask.

"Yes! Her dad just called me," he answers.

"I'm on my way to Kristin's, can you come with me and let me know what happened in the car?" I question.

"Sure," Kyle answers, and then I hang up.


Dani's POV

"Aiden? Kristin? And Shay? What?" I whisper to myself.

"That's right, we killed Alexis, and now we are going to kill you," Kristin states.

"Wait, can you at least explain this to me before you do?"I ask.

"Well, I guess we have time before Jonah shows up," Aiden says.

"I always hated Alexis, and so did these two. I hated her just because she was an ugly butt. You're annoying, and Jonah is just pointless so I'm doing his family a favor. Aiden hates Alexis because she was going to tell you they were together. He hates Jonah for taking you from him. He knows you will love Jonah always and you can never get rid of it. It kills him, so it is just easier to take away both of you. Shay here, she's the newest of the gang. She was always jealous of the attention Alexis got, and she wanted Alexis to be gone for good. She somehow figured out Aiden and I were working together, and she persuaded us to help her make it look like a suicide, so she could always keep an eye on Alexis. We were going to kill her when we graduated, or when she ran, so we did it when she ran. Shay always hated you, you were so greedy and selfish," Kristin explains.

"Your mom moved, Shay. She was sorry, she felt so bad, she couldn't handle it," I state.

"She was always a wimp, which was why she was dating that guy so he could take care of her, which obviously he didn't do," she replies.

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