Chapter 1

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Anna's P.O.V

From last week onwards I am feeling nauseous at morning. Morning I am having a wonderful exercise "open my eyes run to bathroom and puke" I don't know why this is happening to me. Maybe flu's can be for more than a week. Anyway I have to consult a doctor.

Ethan went for a business trip and its boring to death. Alone in this big house. I should call him.

"Hello Ethan!" I spoke

"Anna! I am busy I will call you later" by telling this he hung the phone.

Mmhh I want to eat something sweet. What I hate sweet foods and why am i craving for sweet foods?

You maybe pregnant!

Me pregnant? I can't imagine myself being pregnant. It would be hilarious and I'm not ready to become a mother.

You are 21! You are old enough to be a mom. Anna there are many teen moms taking care of their kids themselves and you can sure become a good mother.
Why the hell I'm thinking as if I'm pregnant. I am sure this is just stomach flu

At hospital

"Mrs. Spencer! Congratulations you are 1 month pregnant! " Dr. Calum told

"What? I am pregnant!! " I cried with happiness but deep inside me I'm scared. Will I be a good mother? How will Ethan react when he will come to know he is going to become a father. He will be so happy .

"Yes! Mrs. Spencer your next check up will be on 24th of this month and I had already prescribed tablet to avoid nausea at morning. Take care" Dr. Calum told as he wrote something on a blank sheet of paper.

"Yes and Thank you" I thanked him and walked out of his office

I have to surprise Ethan. He is going to be a Father.

Ethan's P.O.V

How can Anna do this to me. She asked some money and I gave her 2 million dollars and what she did was really cheating on me. She is a witch better say a gold digger. How can she do this to me? I thought she is innocent. I am a fool because I believed her. She had broken my trust.

When Cassidy gave me the pics of Anna and Jose kissing. I was shocked. Anna acts a lot innocence. Later when Jose called me and said that Anna and Jose love each other and used me as a person for money. Anna had even gave that 2 million dollars to Jose. At first I thought that Classify was lying because she hates Anna but when Jose called it seem like she did really betrayed me.

Cassidy is my PA. Who is the exact definition of barbie doll. The only reason why I'm keeping her here is because she is really good at her works.

"Sir. Are you going home?" Cassidy asked

"Yeah. Mmm can you give me those divorce papers my lawyer had prepared. " I asked her.

I even prepared the divorce papers, but I was having a hope Anna didn't cheat on me but now everything is crystal clear.

"Ohh yes. Here sir take it" she gave me the divorce papers with a smile

I fixed my suit and walked out of my office

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