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i woke up so hurt how could he do this to us over something so stupid i got up and took a shower and put on some nike shorts and a tank-tee and my nike socks and walked downstairs my dad was dressed nice in a suit i didnt know he had to work today

"goodmorning princess",my dad said kissing my forehead

"heyy daddy i didnt know you had to work today",i said grabbing a glass and filling it with water

"yeah you need to be looking for a job too until you start college",he said

"heyy maya heyy babe",tasha said walking in on her Blackberry she stays on that thing

"heyy",i said putting my glass up

"oh maya i want you and your boyfriend to come to my house for dinner tonight so you can meet my daughter she's your age here's my address",she said writting it down

"umm it will just be me tonight",i said

"why not chres",my dad asked me

"we broke up",i said lowering my head

"stupid ass nigga he will realize what he's lost you were too good for him anyway",my dad said

"your right dad but im fixing to go to the gym",i said putting on my shoes and grabbing my keys

"okay bye baby dont strain yourself be careful",he said

"bye tasha bye dad love yall",i said running out and getting in my car and driving to the gym i scanned in and went to run a mile i turned on my music and started running when i was finished i did 50 push ups and 100 squats

"damn lil mama",some dude said he was buff as hell and sexy

"thanks",i said

"can i get your number",he asked me

"no",i said laughing

"bet if i do more pushups than you you have to give me your number if you do more than me i leave you alone",he said getting down i nodded and his friend videotaped it i got in position and we started we did about 100 pushups i couldn't do anymore he was still going i stopped "oooooo i won",he yelled laughing

"wateva",i said laying down

"im martin",he said

"maya",i said shaking it he helped me up and pulled out his phone i put my number in and

"bye lil mama",he said walking off i was done i walked downstairs and he was lifting weights damn his veins were poping out i kept walking and left and went to walmart i got out and got some chips and some cookies i was walking when i saw chres holding hands with another girl i didnt want to be seen

"ooo she's stalking me",he said i turned around

"no your stalking me",i said it was martin

"yeah i was but this is my brother Torrance",he said i shook his hand

"maya",i said i saw chres walking this way he looked at me and kept going "i got to go ill see you later",i said walking off and getting a Gatorade and checking out i paid and left and drove to chres's house to get my shit and kara i knocked on the door and he opened it with no shirt on

"what are you doing here",he asked me

"i need to get my stuff since you've obviously have moved on",i said he opend the door and she was sitting on the couch i walked upstairs and went into his room there was my stuff in boxes i got teary eyed

"i figured that you were gonna want your stuff so i packed it for you",he said

"are we really done",i asked him

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