Chapter 1 Childhood

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It all started 100 years ago... In germany a neighboor peacefull, no harm no nothing. In a house had a wonderfull familly. (Well that's what the people in the neighborhood think.) The two lover birds parents and there 10 year old boy Charles Slender Matherson Jr. He was a boy who was peacefull but poor and abusive. Every day in his entire life his parents would abuse him by hitting him with metal sticks and called him names. When ever he ask for something his parents would never give him it, they only do give him what he wants on his birthday (the only holiday that he gets what he wants) but only little presents. His parents do give him materials but no the type of materials that he wants. For example: If he sees some black and blue shoes he wants his parents would give him some pink and purple snikers. So you can say he had a terrible life. He never had any friends or anyone exept one girl who is unknown of her name. She was the only person who understanded him, the both of them were always together. So you can say that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

In the next chapter I will write how he got into a mess and have such incredible power.

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