"Oh yes."

               "It was a sign?" I whimpered. I felt violated. I felt betrayed by my new American friend. I felt like a bug in a windshield full of different bugs. I'm all the way at the corner where the wipes don't reach. Forever alone. "Why would she tell you? She pinky promised!" 

               "Well she didn't exactly tell you. I told her to find out if you were ... interested in men." He shrugged uncomfortably. "And to stick her tongue out at me if you were."

               "So that's why you looked like you saw a ghost."

               He slightly chuckled. "Yeah, I guess."

               "You don't really look gay." I examined him. His perfection was too much for him to be gay. "Or bi..."

               "I only broke up with Vicky because I want to be with you."

               I froze. It was like suddenly my heart stop beating and I couldn't take a single breath. My lungs were kicking and screaming until they set on fire. All I could do was hold my breath and gag. The person I crushed on the most wants to be with me.

               Here is the worst part ...

               "I can't be with you." Those words hurt more than knives. It felt like razor blades were being pulled from my mouth. I suddenly felt pain in my forehead. "Ouch."

               I touched my forehead while Derek literally threw himself at me. He touched my forehead and examined me. I was still a little loopy from the hit. It was a damn football for God's sake! It hurt and it temporarily confused me for a while.

               "Come here." He threw his arms over me and pulled me up. He walked over to my bed and laid me down.

               "We're home!" Voices were heard from downstairs. My mom is so loud.

               I quickly pushed Derek away and ran down the hall. I almost tripped going down the stairs and when I saw my mom I tackled her with a big hug. She giggled and hugged me back. I missed her scent, her warmth and her motherly spirit.

               "Mom." I sighed on her chest. "I hate not seeing you all the time. I missed you."

               "Oh honey, I miss you too. I'm sorry." She kissed me, I looked at her eyes which were watering. She dried her eyes quickly and laughed. "I know I said that I was going to cook but Steve and I are going out tonight with a couple of friends. We bought you guys pizza though."

               "It's okay. Do you know when our family is going to visit?" I asked her as I eyed the boxes of pizza that they bought.

               "It's spring break so they should be here in a week or so. I have to call them, thanks for reminding me. I've been so busy at work that I forgot. But remember that school dates are different in here than in Italy. Your cousins spring break doesn't start till next week. That's when they should be coming."

               "Alright. Sounds good. We have too many days off just for spring break here." 

               "I bet you're loving it."

                "I'm loving it alright..." I eyed Derek as he walked down the hall.

               "Oooo pizza." He walked over to the table and grabbed a slice.

               "Where is dad?" Derek asked mom with his mouthful. Charming... I frowned.

               "Taking a shower. We're going out tonight. I should go get ready too, be back in a bit." She skipped down to the other side of the house and disappeared.

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