Text 6

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Dan👌🏻: How are you alive!?!?!?
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Phil🐯: I don't really know, but I tripped over and smashed my head on the benchtop in the kitchen, then passed out... and then apparently they didn't expect  me to live, even though I just hit my head pretty badly
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Dan👌🏻: I was so sad I didn't leave the house at all! Not even to get maltesers!
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Dan👌🏻: I'm glad you're alive Philly
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Phil🐯: I'm glad you're alive Danny
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Dan👌🏻: Why wouldn't I be alive?
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Phil🐯: I don't know! Anyway, they said I can go home in 2 days so GET READYYYY
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Dan👌🏻: Ok I will, you should get some rest, it's nearly 2 in the morning
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Phil🐯: Ok good night Daniel
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Dan👌🏻: Good night Phillip

Should I do a face reveal or a Q and A?? Decisions decisions decisions

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