In The Begining

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The life of  Sophia Seaman wasn't ever so great when she was 18 months old she had to be put into foster care because she was abused by her step-father . Sophia finally got to be with her mother again when she was about to turn 3 years of age.

By the time She was 3 Her real dad and mom finally got married. Sophia was always scared of her brothers cause they always abused her and her parents never did anything about that .

Sophia's brothers always kicked and puched her and pulled her alll the timeand they would always let other kids at school beat her up and they always left her to cry alone.

She was always ignored by others her parents even ignored her she felt so alone .

By The Time Sophia was 7 years of age her mother told her she was always an odd child because ever since she was younger she would stare at nothing for hours and mumble stufff that didn't make any sense at all.And that was true she still does that at times and she is called a freak for it . Sophia Hates the word Freak because that the word she is mostly called.

By The Time she was 9 she finally wasn't alone she had her grandpa . Her Grandpa wasn't in good health though so he died soon after because one of his organs shut down , So he had a slow death and all Sophia coud do is watch and wait for him to die .

After he died she became into more depression and anger she became mean she didn't want people to be around her anymore she wanted to be alone forever.

When she finally became 11 Her father got hurt and was down for 6 months she finally got close to her father but he died After those 6 months So Sophia Became even worse.

A Few Months after that Sophia became a Killjoy ( If you don't know what that is then look it up!) She loved music more then anything really all kinds of music but mostly bands like Asking Alexandria, Falling in Reverse, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Memphis May Fire And Pierce The Viel .

Now Sophia Is 13 her life right now doesn't seem like its messed up but it is Sophia Cuts badly Its like an addiction , Sophia has Been Raped at The age of 13 and she smokes but not to badly.

Sophia Hates Life she wants to live but she doesn't want to live the way she does Sophia Only has two Friends Ryan Quinn And Esdras Fuentes.

Ryan and Esdras have tried to help her but Sophia can't be helped she is far from gone now.

Sophia has mutiple personalites That means she is more then one person .

Sophia is in love and so is one of her personalities .

Her Name is Yuki she is in love with the person that raped Sophia .

Sophia is in love with  Ronnie Radke singer of Falling in reverse and by i mean in love she is really in love with him. 

This is a little part of The Dear Sophia Seaman Life i hope you keep reading to find out more about this dear girl....

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