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"Ivory, this is Adrian. Say hi"

"Hi Adrian"

"This is Darius."

She looked at me with her brown eyes.

"Hi Da-ious"

I scoffed. That would do for a 4 year old.

"Bring them to your room and play Ivory, we adults have things to discuss."

She grabbed Adrian's hand and they danced their way into the room, while calling my name. Did she just choose Adrian over me? Damn she'll regret this when she grows up.

"Come-on Da---iouus"

I strode into the room, found a spot and opened my Britannica Encyclopedia. I was not going to play with immature kids at the age of 8. I needed to write a book report by next Monday, show it to my teacher, and---

"What's tat?" A pair of brown eyes peeped over my shoulder.

I looked over at Adrian, who was sleeping on the mat already. What a bad babysitter.

"Book." Why did I reply her? But hey her eyes are really pretty--what am I thinking?

"I wanna ri-d"

Read she meant. This girl needs to learn her pronunciation. I passed her the book and closed my eyes to take a small nap. The book will keep her quiet, afterall there are pictures in the book. She should be entertained.

It wasn't long before I felt a tug on my shirt.

"What is dis?"

"I don't know." I replied without looking.

"How about dis?"

How can a 4 year old ask so many questions about a Britannia Encyclopaedia. I shifted myself over and looked at what she's reading about.

"This word means... And this is a tornado. Do u know what is a tornado? It's like a strong wind..."

Looking at her confused eyes, I gave up and went back to napping, telling her to read other pages, like she would understand them.

--15 minutes later--

I slightly opened one of my eyes and looked at her "learning process". She's sitting on the bed, dozing off, holding my book in her hands. It took me seconds to figure out that the book was held upside down.

Wait, is she going to roll off the bed?? I closed my eyes and waited for the satisfactory "thump" sound.

I smirked. What's her name again? Ivory? She probably don't need help with getting up from the floor.

"Darius!! Get out here!"

Standing beside my mum was Ivory. I bet she complained to my mum. Well I couldn't contain my laughter when she rolled off the bed like that!!

"Apologise to Ivory."

Apologise? No way. I'm Darius.

"I'm really sorry I-o-ey." Well she pronounced me as Da-iouus.

She looked at me with her swollen eyes, and wailed. "I'm IVORYYYYYYY"

What the...this girl is no pushover.


Wait I'm being childish, afterall she's only a four year old. Everyone was looking at us now, partially amused. Damn what do I do? If she starts crying I'm going to just walk away and be cool.

"Darius I'm hungry I want food."

Here comes Adrian with half-closed eyes and asking for food.

"Yeah I'll get you food, come with me." I forcefully dragged Adrian out of the living room, using him as my get-away. I had no idea where we are going in this big house, but getting out of the living room was my first priority.

"There's no food here!!" Adrian looked around the garden.

I just love my cousin sometimes.

This is dedicated to Mysterious_Writer, the author of Marriage By Law.

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