Chapter 2

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Kurt's POV

My alarm wakes me up, playing nothing other than 'Ring On It' by Beyoncé. I stand and stretch, then start dancing to the music. I snap as I skip to my mirror, and start my daily moisturizing routine.

I try to think of what to say, and how to act today, being my last day. So far, I haven't come up with anything.

I scrub my face, then wash it. Satisfied enough, I pull on some skinny jeans, and layers upon layers of blouses and vests. I find a hippo broach that goes nicely.

"Morning, dad," I greet, grabbing the cereal box.

"Hey son. How'd you sleep?" Dad asks, picking up the paper.

"Alright," I reply simply. I pour the milk into my bowl. My hand slips, and I spill milk all over myself.

"Are you kidding me?!" I shout, slamming the milk down, and marching upstairs to change.

This day couldn't have started off worse. My hair won't even stay up like it used to. I had to use gel!

I drive to school, taking the longest way to get there. I pull into my usual spot; the furthest away from school.

Sighing, I head into school, looking down. I pass the same people I always do. Only this time, instead of hating all them, I actually think I might miss them.

I grab my textbook and binder out of my locker, and start walking to Spanish.

"Holà¡" Mr. Schuester greets us, and gets started on the lesson. I tap my foot on the ground.

"Excuse me? Is that seat taken?" I hear a voice beside me.

His voice is silky smooth, and gentle. I turn in my seat, and look up to an angel. His hair is gelled precisely and stays on his head beautifully. His auburn eyes are wide and sparkling. I had to stop staring. He was probably straight, anyway.

"No, not at all," I reply, motioning him to sit down. I take a small breath.

He sits next to me, and puts his books on the desk.

"I'm Kurt," I introduce myself, holding out my hand for a handshake.

"Blaine," he says, shaking my hand. His hand is firm, but soft and silky at the same time. He gives me a small smile that lasts a second too long for an ordinary one. Chills fall down my spine. I blush, and look down, unable to hear or see anything else around me except him.

I notice every little movement that Blaine makes. How his eyebrows slant down slightly when he's reading. How his fingers dance along the page as he writes. How he taps his foot to a steady rhythm. I can't stop smiling to myself.

I focus my gaze down to my dictionary, and pretend to look for a word. My cheeks feel hot, and they just keep getting hotter. I don't think I've ever felt like this about a boy before. Except for Finn, but that was just a small crush. This felt deeper.

The bell rings, and Blaine gathers his stuff, and gets up. I stand too, watching him. He was so beautiful.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow," he says with a grin, before walking out of the classroom. I suddenly stop smiling. I won't be here tomorrow.

I consider running after him, but he's out of sight. I feel like I'm falling and never landing.

He was just one guy I met today. He doesn't matter.

But it feels like he's the only one who does mater.


It's last period. My last class at McKinley. After that, there's glee rehearsal and then it's all over. Strangely, the more I think about leaving, the less I want to.

I take a binder from my locker, and suddenly am accelerated forward. My face crashes into my mirror as I let out a small scream. I tumble down to the floor quickly.

I helplessly look up to Karovsky. He laughs loudly at me, and struts on.

I stand and brush myself off. Taking a shaky breath, I walk to History.

I sit and stare at a speck on the wall, as Blaine walks into the class.

"Hi, sorry I'm late," he says apologetically. My eyes meet with his, and I give a small smile. He comes toward me, and sits in the empty seat beside me.

"How come I've never seen you before?" I ask him in a whisper, leaning slightly towards him.

"I transferred a few days ago. I'm still just adjusting to McKinley." Blaine replies, tapping his foot.

I nod, and look away. Maybe I could ask him out for a coffee. Would that be too weird? I mean, I just met him anyway. I decide to go for it. It's my last day, so what do I have to lose?

Our History teacher keeps talking, as I lean to Blaine's ear.

"Do you, uh, maybe want to grab a coffee some time?" I ask in a low voice. I turn away, as my chest feels like it is on fire.

I hear him gasp really quietly. He turns his handsome face towards me, and gives me a warm smile.

"That would be great," he replies, still looking at me. He bites his lip.

"Great," I say quietly. I suddenly panic, having no idea what to say next.

"How's 5:00 after school today?" Blaine asks casually. I feel like I'm going to explode. Nobody has ever been this kind towards me. I smile, but try to contain my happiness.

"Sure, a-at the Lima Bean?" I say, stuttering. I look up at his beautiful face filled with warmth.

"Yeah, sounds good," he says, nodding. We both awkwardly look away. I can't hold back the giggle that escapes my mouth. My face goes red as a tomato, as I hear Blaine chuckle beside me. My stomach turns and twists, filled with butterflies.

"...and that is how Abraham Lincoln died," my teacher concludes. The bell rings, taking the class out of it's misery. I become really shy as Blaine and I stand together. There definitely is a weird feeling between us. We look into eachothers' eyes, and smile.

He walks me to my locker.

"See you tonight," Blaine says with a wink. My face warms up as I nod and wave.

My breath, that I realized I was holding, exhaled fast.

I stand at my locker lost in thought. Nobody has ever been so nice to me! But, I'm probably overreacting. Blaine was probably just being nice. He doesn't look gay. I decide that he just wants new friends. I won't ever get a happy ending. What was I even thinking?

"You're still here?" A loud voice asks. Karovsky

I turn, but before I can steady myself, I am shoved down to the ground. The group of jocks and Karovsky laugh at me, and keep walking.

Now I remember why I wanted to leave in the first place.


"We'll miss you, Kurt," Mr. Schue says, as glee club ends.

"You can always come back, like, tomorrow," Tina adds looking hopeful. The rest of the club nods.

"Well, anything's possible," I say half heartedly.

I smile at my friends, all sitting in the one place I call home.

We get up to leave, and I look at my watch. I was going to the Lima Bean with Blaine in an hour! I try to contain my smile.

I walk to my car, my stomach turning. I was so nervous, but excited too. I take a deep breath, and start the car.


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