"He wasn't lying?" I whimpered, my knees were getting weak so I sunk into the chair. "Go, work things out with him." Snow said nudging me, I looked at her with an uneasy expression and bit my lip. "If you don't you will be doing exactly what you did at the tavern, go and figure it out." She said smiling, I sighed and stood up, wrapping my jacket around me.

"Regina!" Robin called, I spun around and saw him running towards me with a pleading look on his face. "Robin I know you didn't cheat on me I am so sorry!" I cried, leaping into his arms, he hugged me tightly and then kissed me, spinning me around in a circle. My stomach did a flip and I nearly lost my lunch on his shoes. "I am staying with you, and that psychopath is staying as far away from us and my son as possible." He said brushing my hair back. I smiled and lingered in his arms for a while.

"Regina, I don't know if you are ready for this but I am, having Marian come back just proved it. I don't want us ever to be apart, I want to wake up to your smiling face every morning, to hold you after every nightmare you have, and to love you every single day of my life. Regina Angelica Mills, will you please marry me?" Robin said bending down on one knee, holding a velvet box out with a ring inside of it.

I kept crying, for a moment unable to get the words out. "YES! OF COURSE!" I wailed, he gingerly placed the ring on my finger then kissed me in the middle of Main Street, the snowflakes covered us but we didn't care, I loved him and I was marrying my soulmate.


I hate this bloody disguise! This woman smells like forest and her hair is a hideous shade of brown! I feel bad, Regina gave me a second chance and now I am blowing it because of stupid Rumplestiltskin! I have to get my heart back before he does something really bad, I fear that I may actually hurt my sister, and even worse, that she may hurt me.

I felt the tug in the hollow part of my chest where my heart should be beating, but it wasn't, Rumple was going to use me again. My feet started to carry me down the path into the ice cream shop. The lady automatically smiled at me and handed me a cone, giving me a devious smile. I knew I shouldn't but my hand reached out and took it.

I watched in horror as I lifted the dessert to my lips, eating the dangerous treat. My eyelids suddenly felt heavy and my heart felt cold. I knew it, I was now going to die, but I deserved it. Just as long as my sister was somewhat content.


I was walking hand in hand with my fiancé when I saw a blonde woman run out of the ice cream shop with a mortified look on her face.

"Help! A woman collapsed in here!" She wailed, both of us ran inside and saw Marian laying on the ground, her skin was pale and freezing like ice, and she had a white streak of hair. "Robin we have to help her." I said through my teeth, as much as I wanted to leave her here to die, this was Roland's mother, and I had to save her."

"The only thing that can thaw a frozen heart is an act of true love." I said cringing, Robin gave me a wary look and stood beside her. "Well let's not waste any time." He said quietly, bending down and kissing her, I waited for the ice to melt and the stupid woman to come back but it didn't happen.

"Regina this won't work! I'm in love with you!" He said kissing her again, I sighed and stood him up, realizing that there was no other cute for her. "Robin. She is going to die here, I can't reach into her chest and pull her heart out so it will kill her in a matter of minutes, you and Roland have to leave town where there is no magic, and never come back." I said whimpering, the ring on my finger chilling my hands.

"No! I can't leave you here Regina! We are engaged! I love you..." He said on the verge of tears, I blinked away my own and stood him up.

"Robin you have to, this is your son's mother, you have to do what is right, not what is easy." I said tearing up, he nodded and lifted Marian into his arms, the wretched woman who thought I was a horrible monster. Now I was saving her life.


"You have everything I gave you?" I said, my voice was wavering and I was ready to burst into tears, Robin chose me, he proposed to me, and here I was saying goodbye to him forever.

"Gina? When can I come back?" Roland asked, wiggling his hand out from his father's and clinging to my leg. I knelt down and felt the tears run down my face once more.

"Roland you are going to go and live somewhere else, okay? But just know that I love you, okay?" I said trying to crack a smile, his bottom lip started quivering and he ran into my arms, burying his face in my shoulder.

"Papa I want to stay with Gina." He said defiantly, Robin gave him a pained look and he tried to balance Marian in his arms. "No son, we have to go and live with your mama." Robin tried to explain, I tried to hold back my tears as best as possible but it didn't work. "But I thought Gina was my mama! I love her!" He cried, he still had his hand tangled in mine and he gave Robin one of his signature pouts, but I had to nudge him along, giving him a long kiss on the cheek.

"I love you too, and Roland you will always be my little knight and my son, okay? And I will always be your mama if you want." I said smiling, Roland cried and hugged me tightly. Finally Robin gave me a long kiss and then tapped his forehead on mine.

"I..." He started, but I couldn't bear to hear it right before he left, so I cut him off.

"I know." He whimpered, he nodded and juggled his wife and crossed the town line.

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