Oneshot Story

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Kim and Brayan have been bestfriends since diapers and now the topic in our class is

Teacher:Our Last activity is CAMPING!!!!

Students started to make noises

Teacher:Okay okay settle down. Now it will be held next friday we will stay there 3 days and 2 nights

Kim and Brayan looked each other with the eyes saying We-are-going-CAMPING!!!

Teacher:The Principal is already done talking to all of the parents this activity is about nature so we talked to your parents that we will allow phones but collect them during activity hours, plan early for you not to be late.

Then the bell rang

Kim and Brayan have two different set of friend but we always get together and divided into two when me and the girls are having a girls talk

Brayan:Hey Kimberly!

Kimberly:Hey Bray!

Brayan:See you at the cafeteria we will wait for you


After talking to Brayan I quickly found my Friends

Kimberly:Hey Margaux,hey Paris, hey Casey!Come on the boys are waiting at the cafeteria!

Margaux, Paris and Casey:Okay!

Whlie walking you had a little chitchat 

Casey:so any other plans in camping*wiggling her eyebrow to margaux and Paris then looking at me*

Kimberly:What?What do you mean?

Paris:Any plans with Brayan in camping?

Kimberly:Stop it guys!*blushing*

Well yeah I have crush on my Bestfriend but I never confessed it yet, I dont like it when the girl makes the first move.

Margaux:Oh come just tell Brayan.

Brayan:Tell me what?

You never knew you were now in the cafeteria

Brayan:Tell me what Kimberly?

Kimberly:uuhhhmmm...I wanted to tell you that I am so HUNGRY and I wanted to eat.

Brayan:Yeah sure let us buy you food my treat

Kimberly:No I can buy it myself

Brayan:No my treat is my treat*handed you foods*

A week passed and its almost a day before camping when the bell rang I told Brayan to wait for me at the school gate because I need to give back the book that I borrow from the library

When I came back I heard Brayan talking to someone on the phone

Brayan:I want you to buy the most beautiful it great....yeah that would be great thank you.

It crashed my heart, Brayan is already making a move to someone *sigh* Im just a bestfriend

Brayan:Hey Kimberly are you standing there for a long time

Kimberly:No actually(I try not to be sad)

Its already Camping day

We are now in a forest when the teacher shouts

Teacher:Okay this will be a non activity

You can do anything you want today but I think you need to prepare your tent first Me and the girls are share to one big tent so are the boys