Meeting For The First Time

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Maka's P.O.V.
I nervously readjusted my pigtails and straightened my plaid mini skirt.

The DWMA's skull and candles rose up above me as I steadily climbed the steps.

I rested my hand on the door handle, hesitating to open the doors and start my life at this academy.

I inhaled and mustered up all of the courage I had before I pushed open the heavy door.

I walked down the hallway and gained many stares with every step I took.

"Isn't that Death Scythe's daughter?"

"Yeah. I think so. Why would she transfer so early into the year?"

"I don't know, but she's kind of cute."

I blushed at the last comment. It was slightly embarrassing to enroll a couple of weeks into the year, but I was determined to stay with Mama until the very last second before she left for her next trip.

Now, I'm here, and I'm ready to follow in my Mama's footsteps and create a Death Scythe.

I gazed at my schedule.

Class Crescent Moon

I spotted the sign and hurried inside to take my seat in the back of the class. When I sat down, I smoothed out my skirt once more and fidgeted with my 'Meister' badge.

The bell rang shortly after and the students piled in.

"YAAAAHHHOOOO!! IT IS I, THE GREAT BLACK STAR!! BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!!" A guy with blue, spiky hair screeched.

He was about to preach about himself some more before an ivory hand clamped itself over his mouth.

"BLACK STAR!! We have to be respectful. Save you're show for after class." A black-haired beauty said nervously.

He shrugged her hand off,"Fine Tsubaki, but only because I said so." He pointed a gloved hand to his chest.

She sweat dropped.

I sighed. Great, now I know who to avoid. The black haired girl looks nice.

Nice was probably an understatement. Tsubaki was beautiful. With her long, dark hair tied swiftly in a ponytail and her slim figure plus a smile that lights up a room. I should definitely try to become friends with her.

We all took our seats while I scanned the classroom, hoping to find the teacher.

Please be normal.

Suddenly, the doors burst open before a man with grayish hair and glasses came rolling in on a spinny chair before face planting. He stood after the incident and brushed some dirt off of his stark white lab coat.

He lifted his gaze and I gasped, he had stitches on his face!

"Welcome class. As you know, I'm Dr. Stein. Now let's begi-"

The doors flew open causing his sentence to get cut off.

He stared at the silhouette and then smirked.

"Nice to see that you showed up today Soul."

A boy in a yellow jacket with red pants and a headband, keeping his spiked white hair at bay, came strolling in.

"Yeah well..." He smirked, showing off his sharp teeth.

I heard Black Star trying to stifle a laugh.

The boy named Soul turned in my direction and we made eye contact.

The smirk that once played his lips vanished.

His ruby red eyes bore into mine. I couldn't help but be intrigued.

I felt a tugging feeling pull at my heart, no. My entire body seemed to be drawn to him.

He must've felt it too since his eyes became slightly wider.

"Ahem." I heard Stein cough.

We broke the stare and turned away from each other, my cheeks slightly tinted with pink.

"Now class. We have a new student. Please come introduce yourself.

I stood and wandered down the steps to the front of the chalkboard.

All eyes were on me...great.

"Hello everyone. My name is Maka. Maka Albarn." I started.

I had already gained whispers.

"The Maka Albarn?" One muttered.

"I look forward to a year with you." I stated and bowed slightly.

Stein looked at me with approval.

"Maka. Why don't you tell us what kind of meister you are." He asked.

Why? He and my father are friends...kind of....he already knows.

Then I realized; I'm weaponless.

I nodded,"I'm a scythe meister."

I saw some people look disappointed, some looking interested, and one smirking madly.

I took my seat and Stein began his dissection.


The day was almost over and I was walking out of the academy when I heard it: The most beautiful tune.

It was slightly dark with a flowing melody, but I liked it.

I followed the sound until I came to a classroom that read:

Music Room

I pushed open the door only to see Soul throwing his fingers over the keys.

His eyes were screwed shut in deep concentration.

I stared in awe at his piano playing skills.

After the song was finally over. He wiped his brow and turned around. At first he seemed surprised to see me there but hastily replaced it with a smirk.

"Hey. I'm Soul 'Eater' Evans." He said nonchalantly.

I gave him a small smile, "Hi. I'm Maka Albarn and I want you to be my weapon."

"You're a scythe meister right? Sorry. I guess I don't really pay attention in class." He smirked.


"Well then I guess I have no choice." He said standing up and offering his hand to shake.

As I did so, a small blush crept onto my cheeks.

He smiled and then snaked his arms back into the front pockets of his jacket.

I didn't even need to resonate with him to know that he was the perfect partner for me.

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