If he had known about her and didn't tell me, then I would be done with him. I couldn't continue loving a man who's best friend was secrecy. Especially when the things he kept from me, were connected to people I knew and loved.

He was the one person in the world I thought I could always count on, no matter what. He fought so hard for us, for me, we promised each other no more secrets. Secrecy is what ruined us in the first place, I thought we had moved past that.

Screw my family for keeping all this shit from me, and screw Angus if he had known too, but Harry...he was by far my biggest disappointment, since he was the one I loved the most in all of this, his betrayal hurt more than anyone else's.

I heard my bedroom door open and close, causing me to screw my eyes shut so I didn't have to deal with anyone right now. I just wanted to be left alone to grieve the loss of my grandad, I think I earned the right.

The bed sunk down beside me as I felt a body next to mine. Judging by the scent coming from this person, I knew exactly who it was, my dad.

"Baby girl, it's okay to be upset, but please don't be mad at any of us for keeping this from you, we did it for your own good," he said calmly, like talking to me in that tone would make me any less mad with him.

"You all sat in my hospital room, acting like nothing was going on. I asked about Nan and grandad, and you all said they would be here when I got home, even Nan.

But you all knew he wouldn't be here, you all knew he wasn't going to make it, and you didn't even let me say goodbye," tears poured onto my pillow, the hurt of my loss growing more powerful with every second.

"We were going to tell you today, but we couldn't put off the inevitable Jen. He was gone, there was nothing any of us could do, and you weren't allowed to leave the hospital..."

"I could have called and said goodbye dad!" I finally snapped, turning around to face off with him.

"None of you even gave me the opportunity to accept he was going, I was blind sided. You all think you know what is best for me, and now look what you've done! You took the right for me to say goodbye to my grandad, away from me!

I don't need your protection, I don't need any of you to protect me, I need you to be honest with me, which you obviously can't be, so I can't trust any of you anymore."

"Jenelle, you need to calm down. One day you'll see we were only looking out for your best interest. I know you're upset, and I expected that, but don't turn your back on us for loving you."

"Loving me? Is that what you call it? I have parents who sat with me everyday, acting like everything was great in the world! I have a sister I'm obviously not as close as I thought I was with, a boyfriend who betrays me and sides with my family, and a best friend who I'm assuming also knew, and didn't tell me.

If keeping me in the dark, lying to me, and betraying my trust is what love is, then I don't want anything to do with any of you anymore."

"I know this is the grief talking, so I'll let you get it all out now," he nodded along to everything I said, not believing what I was saying.

"Do not patronise me dad, I'm serious. This isn't grief, this is honesty, something you all lack. Answer me one question though...did you all know about Bella being in a coma?"

He stayed silent, trying to avoid answering the question. That right there answered me, but I wanted to hear it come out of his mouth.

"Answer me!" I demanded.

"How did you know about Bella?"

"Why does that matter? Someone told me since my family didn't. So answer the question dad, did you know about Bella and for how long?" I asked again, scared of how I would handle it if I knew they all knew this too.

"Bella was rushed into hospital while you were in labour. We all knew, because she was in surgery at the same time you were. Her mum was with us when she was told about the coma," he confessed.

I was numb, I felt nothing anymore. No emotion, nothing.

"Did Harry know too?" I knew he did, he would have been with them when Bella's mum was told, but I needed confirmation.

"Why does it matter who knew?" He avoided the question.

"I'll ask you one more time, then I want you to leave. Did Harry know about Bella this whole time?"

"Yes but-"

"Get out," I cut him off, not wanting to hear any worthless excuses.


"Dad get out, you can stay as long as you want but this is the last thing I will say to you, so you're wasting your time being here," I turned back around, pulling the covers up under my chin.

I heard him sigh beside me, forfeiting this argument and leaving my room.

I stared at the wall emotionless. How much could one person honestly handle? How was it possible for so much to change in one week?

I had been given the most amazing gift- my daughter was everything to me, I loved her more than I could even put into words, but with the gain of her, the loss of others followed.

My best friend of years was in a coma, and no one knew if she would make it, my other best friend was moving across the world, my grandad was gone, my family had lied to me, and my boyfriend betrayed my trust.

The only person who seemed to be honest with me lately was Jake, the one person I despised more than anyone in this world.

Harry hadn't even told me he had spoken to him. Was he ever going to tell me? Or was that just another thing I didn't have to know because it might upset me.

I was just completely spent. A week that had been so perfect, had just turned into a pool of misery. I just hoped for my daughters sake, I could stay afloat.

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