"Yes," he said timidly, almost frightened by what my reaction would be to his confession. Surprisingly I wasn't angry, that wasn't the emotion thrust upon me right now. I was disappointed, and felt betrayed, which hurt more than being angry with him.

"Right..." I nodded at both of them, slowly backing away, back into the bedroom.

"Jen, please just let me explain why we didn't say anything," Harry ran to the doorway, forcing the door open as I tried to shut it.

"Let go of the door," I said calmly, feeling numb inside from everything floating around in my head.

"Don't shut me out, talk to me," he met my calm tone, trying to prevent me from shutting the door in his face.

"Harry, you have three seconds to back away from this door, before these are the last words I ever speak to you," I warned him, not even being able to make eye contact with him.

He backed away from the door, and I closed it gently, dragging myself away from it and back to bed. I knew that threat would work, the fear of losing me made him do almost anything. Cruel, but what needed to be done in order for me to be left alone.

I didn't want to talk to anyone, they had all betrayed me. I was sure Angus knew about it too, and not even he had told me. I obviously couldn't trust anyone anymore, not even my own mother.

My grandad was one of my favourite people in the world. Growing up, he would sing me to sleep with the same song every time- Imagine by John Lennon. I watched endless childhood videos of myself, where grandad would sing it to me, as I slept soundly in his arms.

We would always listen to old records together, mostly The Beatles, since they were his favourite. That's where my love for them stemmed from, their records always brought back memories of me sitting on grandad's boat, watching him wire up his fishing rods before a night at sea.

I loved my Nan just as much, as well as my grandparents on my dads side, but there was always a connection between me and grandad Rob, that not even mum could understand. I was his first born grandchild, so he always showed me just that little more attention than my sister.

I was so excited for him to meet Mia, I knew he would instantly love her the way he loved me. But I didn't even get a chance to see him hold my daughter, or me say goodbye to him.

For that, I would never forgive my family, or Harry. Even if I couldn't leave the hospital, just a phone call to him where I could say my goodbyes, would have sufficed. But I never even got the option, because everyone thought they knew what was best for me.

The person I was most disappointed in in all of this was Harry. My family were a different story, they always kept me in the dark about things like this, in case I went off the rails again like with my uncle Paul's death.

Harry was my boyfriend though, he had more loyalty to me, than to my family, to respect their wishes of keeping me in the dark. How dare he decide for me whether this was something I could handle or not.

He just proved to me he was more than capable of lying to me, and keeping things from me without me being suspicious. He had an extremely good poker face, and that scared the hell out of me.

The man I lived with, the father of my child, the man I was in love with, was nothing more than a dishonest, disloyal, betraying liar. I couldn't trust him after this, what the hell else was he capable of keeping from me without me knowing?

Now I was questioning whether he knew about Bella being in a coma or not. Earlier I thought there was no way he knew and kept it from me, but since he had apparently mastered keeping me in the dark, now I wasn't so sure.

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