Chapter 20 : Happy Endings.

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"I don't want to be alone..." I whispered to myself. I notice that the room became darker and darker till I can't see anything

"Yes you do." A sweet childlike voice said

"Who's there!?"

"You are!" something pokes my back hard, it was a knife

"Who are you please show your self!" I begged "Please help me"

"Why would I do that?" the voice asked giggling "I want you to suffer, well more like you want to suffer"

"I- I don't want to suffer please..please help me" I begged again "Show yourself to me"

"But you already know what I look like..why do I need to show you my face?" it answered

"Because-because I want comfort.."

"No you don't" it giggled again "Silly want to feel pain don't you?"

"No please..please..please..please I just want someone with me I don't want to be alone."

"Fine..but only because you asked nicely.." There was a silence that seemed to last like forever till the light's turned back on revealing the owner of the voice. It was me

"But that's impossible..I don't understand.."

"But you do understand Sally. I am you and you are me we're one person.."

"Then why do you hurt me?"

"I don't. you hurt yourself all because you don't want to be alone that you would choose death over being alone..which is very unfortunate don't you love yourself Sally, don't you value yourself?"

"I-I I don't know..I don't feel like I deserve anything I feel like I don't matter I don't really have to live do I? It's not like anyone would miss me.."

"But they will Sally they will miss you so so so much.."

"No. they won't. well probably a month a year, then what comes after that?" I asked my voice slightly getting louder "Nothing! Nothing comes after that they'll forget me and I'll be dust, a grave with no body, an old grave forgotten by the people that she loved and treasured so much.."

Silence surrounded us, me actually just me I'm alone. Everything just grew cold and the darkness enveloping me again. I feel like I'm falling. but I don't know when I'll land. maybe I never will. But this is better than being alone anything is better than being on your own. Well that's what I think at least. My body's starting to grow numb I wonder what's happening I wonder why I can feel this if I'm just imagining all this. maybe I'm not, maybe everybody died and I'm the only one left? maybe I just couldn't handle that reality so I started making my own?

"I guess not all stories end in a happy ending.."



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