Alone In The Labyrinth

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As Roselea went farther in the Labyrinth, she noticed that nothing really changed. She looked for corners and pathways but nothing was there, just a brick wall in her way. In the castle, Jareth used his crystal to watch Roselea and he was questioning what he was thinking.

"Why did I even leave Roselea in the Labyrinth alone? What in the world was I thinking?!" Jareth asking himself, thinking of helping his daughter out. He kept gazing into the crystal and kept on thinking of ways to help her, but not going right out there and helping her.

Roselea went through the Labyrinth, finally found something different, but she stepped on a tile and she went underground. She fell though and came down into a dark room. There was a scroll, or something that felt like a scroll,on the floor.

"Now if I had some light..." Roselea tried to use a spell she learned from her father, but it backfired...

"Ok, how about this?" She focused and did the spell, the candles of this room lit up. She opened the scroll and read it, which then told about the room.

The room was the Oubliette, the room of forgot things. She looked all over the room for a way out, she was searching everywhere.

Finally she thought about her crystals, she has the power like her Father to make crystals. Why not make a door? She does have power over things like her Father, why not? She made a crystal and it made a door, she was exited that it worked. She went through the door and saw many different paths.

She saw hedges and went straight toward them. There was wonderful green leaves on the hedge, but she yearned for flowers and fruits, but nothing to be seen. After she went through the plants she saw something like a forest.

"Wow! There is a ton of things in the Labyrinth, I could spend hours in the Labyrinth." she said as she went into the forest. Roselea then saw a big bog, it had a horrible stench, almost enough to make her want to gag.

"Oh my goblins! This is so horrible, no wonder the Labyrinth is known for being so unfair." Roselea ran, trying not to get into the bog. Then with one trip, she went into mid air and she closed her eyes.

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