Welcome To The Labyrinth, Where Things Are Not Always What It Seems

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Once Jareth and Roselea were done with their food they were ready to go into the Labyrinth.

Jareth then created a crystal and threw it on the floor by their feet, which broke it, releasing smoke around them.

As the smoke cleared, Roselea found the door to the Labyrinth. It was a really big door, it was asolid oak door that opened when she touched it.

"This is my Labyrinth, it always changes, and it has made it hard to get to our castle." Jareth explained to Roselea, he walked in with Roselea and the door magically shut.

"Where should we go?" Roselea went and look both ways.

"We should..." Jareth stopped for a moment, and thought about this differently.

"Why don't you decide? You are oldenough, and I think you will make the right decisions in my Labyrinth. Remember, do not take things for granted." Jareth then disappeared, Roselea left alone in the Labyrinth.  

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