Last year.

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Chris' p.o.v

(Y/N) has been knocked out for at least a day now. She's not dead. Of course she's not. She's breathing. I keep having nightmares about what happened last year. I almost shot myself for Ashley. I'm not sure what we are anymore because she's been sleeping with other men to try make me jealous, so I'm not sure how much I like her anymore. She also told Mike that she thought about keeping the door closed. That scares me. We've just collected some food for the girls and ourselves.
"Yeah. It was scary at first, but I got used to it." I hear an unfamiliar voice say as we approach the cave. Mike starts to run towards the cave and I follow him, unaware as to why we were running. When we get to the entrance of the cave Mike drops the bag containing the food. He runs to (Y/N) who has regained consciousness, and hugs her. Jessica's face goes bright red, which is extremely peculiar considering she claims to have forgotten us. I think that Sam notices this too.
"(Y/N), you're awake." Mike says, pulling away from their hug. We all sit down around (Y/N), eager to hear more about her.
"How'd you get up here? Everyone thought you'd disappeared?" Mike asks.
"You were always talking about how much you love jess and how you knew she was still alive. But I came here to find her for you and ended up stuck. She always talks about you. About how you came to save her." (Y/N) says. Jess looks at the ground and Mike looks at me, puzzled, like I am.
"Jess, you said you forgot us. What the hell."Mike says, raising his voice as he stands up. Jessica stands up.
"I was scared. Scared that you would have a new girlfriend. So I decided to spare myself of humiliation and lie. I don't know why I chose to forget you but I'm sorry." she says, tears streaming down her face.
"Jess why are you crying?" Ashley asks.
"Because I feel so bad for lying to you all." she says, wiping tears from her eyes. Mike hugs her tightly, and they look like a couple again. They never actually broke up, so they're still a couple. Ashley calls me over to talk for a minute. I wonder how this will go.

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