Chapter 2~ At home

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{Just so you guys know, the flashback is like really long so when your in the middle f the story and it says flashback ended just come back to chap. 1 to know where it started(: }

Chapter 2

"At home"


~Ariana's pov~


"Ariana get up!" My dad yelled from

downstairs. Ugh I hate mornings. I

got out of bed and went to my closet

and grabbed a pair of bleached

jeans, my black Aeropostale top, and

black uggs. I went into my bathroom

and turned on the faucet and

splashed my face with water. I rested

my hands on the counter and stared

at my face in the mirror. I hate you I

said to my reflection. I ran

downstairs and grabbed my

backpack. I hate my parents so I

never eat breakfast and I leave as

soon as I get downstairs. I was about to open the door but someone started talking. "What your not gonna say bye?" Said my dad, "bye I have to go" I replied turning the knob "ariana get over here now" he commanded. I walked over slowly , "now I know it's been hard with out your mom but Brenda is trying her best" he said, Brenda is my evil step mom and i hate her so much she's such a bitch but my dad doesn't see it. "OMG dad that's not what this is about!" I shouted loudly, "then what the hell will make u happy?!" He shouted back, I ran out the door with tear in my eyes and walked to school. I fucking hate my life. Now on to school. Yay.


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