It was not difficult to find Maria. She was laughing loudly at Alex who was trying to juggle two apples and one banana outside of Maria's locker.

I hurried up to them, my breath in my throat as I suggested, a little bit too excitedly, "Lunch?"

My two friends looked at me, smiles remaining on their faces from the entertainment they had both just enjoyed, but their smiles were slipping as they saw my anxious expression.

Maria's eyes widened in confusion along with her mouth falling open as she took a breath to start talking.

But Alex cut off her speech, "Sure," hooking arms with Maria and pulling on her, "Come along, Ria."

I felt Max match my feelings through the bond; trepidation and nervousness. I wondered if he could tell that I was about to meet up with Sean and that I was having trouble shutting down (or pausing, or whatever I did to that connection) the connection.

With his fear feeding into mine, making my heart gallop in my chest, I grew gradually convinced that he did in fact guess that a meeting with Sean was in the imminent future.

"Do you guys have lunch with you?" Maria asked as I tried to focus on keeping my heart in my chest.

"Nah," Alex said and I could feel his eyes on my tense profile. "I'll grab something here."

A soft warm blanket of comfort spread through my body, making me stumble with its abruptness, as my heartbeat was forced back into normal rhythm and intensity.

Alex grabbed my upper arm, asking, "Are you okay?"

I looked at him, a frown of bewilderment on my forehead, and as our eyes met I realized what had happened. My anxiety overrode the feeling of comfort as it slammed into me, making me pull my arm quickly out of his assisting hold.

"Don't do that to me," I hissed.

Alex's face fell and hurt passed over his face. He leaned in, still walking, and whispered, "I was only trying to help."

I tried to pull back the worst of my anger. I could see what he had been trying to do. He had used his ability on me to calm me down; in his world he had been helping me.

But I was sick and tired of these ET:s deciding what I was supposed to think and even feel.

"Don't," I hissed back, glancing at Maria just as she angled her head around and in front of Alex's body, to be able to look at me.

"What are you two whispering about?"

"Nothing," Alex and I said in unison and our eyes collided with a sheepish smile.

Maria narrowed her eyes suspiciously and harrumphed in disbelief, "Uh-huh."

We brushed through the large yellow swinging doors which exposed us to the loud noise of hundreds of human voices talking over each other as we entered the canteen, and Maria raised her voice to be heard over the buzz, "Have you two made up?"

"We weren't fighting, Maria," I denied, dodging a football player with a tray filled with food, not looking where he was going as he was having an ongoing conversation with one of his friends behind him.

"Sure seemed like it," Maria said, completely not fooled by my denial.

Alex snagged up a tray from the bright yellow stack and said, "It was my fault."

I halted, freezing in the act of gathering a tray of my own. What was he about to do? What would he say?

"What did you do?" Maria asked, grabbing an apple and a plate with a slice of pizza, adding the articles to her tray. I know that she was trying to deny it, but I could see the curious interest glow on her face. Maria was all over this.

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