Chapter 1

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Coming awake, I was startled by the sudden tremors and shakings of my bed frame.
    "Alicia! Come on girl, wake up!"
An obnoxiously loud voice rang steadily against my ear drums, pulling me farther away from my peaceful dreamland. Groaning, I lifted my head slightly to grab one of the pillows from underneath me and swung in the direction of the voice.
    "I don't want to get up," I whined sleepily, "it's still too early."
    "Come on Alicia! You know momma gon get upset if you're late on your first day of school!"
I sighed and opened my eyes to be welcomed by the sight of the 4'3 monster.
    "What do you want Dee?"
I asked while sitting up slowly to stretch, wincing slightly as bones popped and cracked. She huffed and put her hands on her non-existent hips, a scowl crossing her face.
    "Didn't you hear what I said? Momma wants you to hurry your butt up and get ready so you aren't late to school. Now wake up!!"
She grabbed ahold of my bed frame and resumed the violent shaking, causing me to grip my sheets so I wouldn't fall off.
    "Alright, alright! I am awake now will you stop shaking my bed damnit!"
She stopped with the violent assault, but not before allowing that devious smirk to cross over her features. Great, I was in for it now.
    "Ooo, I'm gon tell momma you cussed. She gon beat your butt for sure now!"
Before I even had a chance to lunge out and grab her she had already leaped out of my reach and ran out the room and down the hall, her thudding footsteps causing echoes to ring out around my room. I groaned louder and flopped back down against my bed and covered my head with the pillow, desperate to gain some more sleep and ignore the inevitable callings of my mother once my annoying little sister told her what I said.

A few more minutes passed and once I figured I was in the clear from receiving a verbal tongue lashing I kicked off the covers and rolled out of bed so I could prepare for the day ahead of me.
Jetting across the hall, I slid into the bathroom and locked the door behind me before turning on the shower and engulfing the entire white and blue room in a thick curtain of steam in a few short minutes. I sighed and slowly undressed before stepping inside, relishing in the soothing warmth of the water as it hit my flesh.
    "School hasn't even started yet and I am already aggravated."

I said to myself while running my washcloth down my dark brown skin.

     Senior year was supposed to be a time most teenagers dreamed about from the moment they started high school, but for me it was just another year I was hoping would breeze by without any problems.
    "Alicia!! Momma says hurry your butt downstairs or you won't get any breakfast!!"
My peace was once again shattered by Dee's voice chiming up the stairs; I sighed and dipped my head under the stream of water and allowed it to push my curly black hair down around my head.
    "I'll be down in a few minutes!"
I called over the sounds of the shower. I could hear her impatient huff from outside the door and listened as her footsteps marched down the stairs. Not wanting to have her call me again or worse make mom any more aggravated then she probably already was, I grabbed my favorite strawberry scented shampoo and lathered it deep into my hair smiling slightly as the scent filled the entire space.
Finishing up, I rinsed out my hair before stepping out the shower and wrapping myself in my favorite big purple towel. I stood in front of the mirror and began to quickly braid the wet hair so it would dry without hassle and headed back to my room to change.

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