Chapter 1

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"This is it." Sebastian Michaelis said, walking inside the building of his new job. Normally, doctors like to stay away from this sort of job and work at a hospital instead. But Sebastian wanted something a little more interesting than just an ordinary job at a hospital.

He likes to work at asylums.

"Dr. Michaelis, it's so lovely to see you." A man with long grey hair and scars on his face said. "Hello Dr-" Sebastian was cut off by the mans finger pointing up. "Please, call me, the undertaker." He said, giggling. "Alright, Undertaker." Sebastian smiled. "Please, follow me. I will show you, your patients." The undertaker said, walking down the long white hallway.

After two hours of countless introductions, Sebastian was surely tuckered out. "And that's all, I believe." The undertaker said. "What about that one?" Sebastian pointed to the last door in the hall. "Oh! I almost forgot about him!" The undertaker smiled, he started to walk to the door with Sebastian following.

"Patients name is Ciel Phantomhive. Age sixteen but, he looks younger. He was admitted six years ago. We don't know much about him nor what had happened to him either. But, he won't say. He tends to have nightmares at night, so don't be surprised if you hear him screaming. He isn't much of a talker so don't expect him to be friendly with you. In fact, he might be mean to you. He usually is. Oh and one last thing, he might start laughing for no reason. That's mostly why he's in here. He has a lot of episodes where he becomes crazy and very dangerous. But, we give him pills for that. Any questions?" The undertaker asked.

Sebastian let the information seep in for a minute. I'm going to have to be careful around this boy. His thoughts stopped when the Undertaker opened the door.


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