Chapter Five

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Jeannie and I finally found the right room it looked like a giant ballroom it was golden and red and it was beautiful.

"Looks like someone went all out impressive" Said Jeannie amazed

"Yeah and look at all those people there must be at least hundred maybe more" I replied distantly

"Grace we had better be careful who knows what kind of weird stuff might happen" Jeannie said seriously
I nod to her and we descend down the big staircase. As we walk down we notice the crowd begins to make a pathway and one man steps out in front and it's the one from earlier Jeannie and I share a look before we reach the bottom. He holds out his hand and I hestantly take it my bare one against his gloved one. He pulls me away from the stairs and I lose Jeannie in the crowd of people. I put my free hand on his shoulder he puts his on my waist I gulp nervously.

"You look absolutely lovely Elizabeth" he says, I blush under my mask looking down I feel his hand under my chin as he lifts my head so I'm looking straight at him

"Thank you...Umm I didn't really catch your name" I reply curiously

"Oh come now Elizabeth you know who I am" he says although I detect a hint of worry in his voice

"Look I'm sorry but I really don't and why one earth are you calling me Elizabeth I told you my name is Grace" I reply annoyed

"You really don't remember do you" he mutters, before I can respond his grip on my hand grows tighter as he pulls me out of the ballroom and into a different room that was really dark. He lights a candle and the whole room grows brighter.

"Wow!" I replied as the to grew brighter there were paintings and tapestries there were all so cool. I walked over to a painting of that women from that window it was so strange to see someone that looked like me. Then I felt a wave of realisation wash over me like water but before I could say anything my head started to pound like a hammer in my skull. I groaned my hand went straight to my head I felt two hands on my back. I looked up and saw him lifting me up into his arms then everything went black.

I woke up still in my dress but back in my room

"Oh thank goodness your finally awake" I saw Jeannie she tackled my in a huge hug

"Hi Jeannie how did I get here?" I asked disoriented

"I don't know I was still down stairs then I came up and you were passed out on here" she replied patting the bed

"Weird how long have I been out?" I asked

"About since last night" she said

"Oh geez I have to get going" I said jumping of the bed and ran to the closet grabbing a simple blue dress and my boots and socks from yesterday I bolted into the bathroom changing my outfit.

"Grace what do you mean you have to get going?" Asked Jeannie puzzled

"Jeannie please understand I know what I'm doing to do" I said rushing out of the bathroom I ran out to do

"Grace wait!!, I really hope you know what your doing" I heard her say before I ran faster

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