- William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Taylor's p.o.v

"Tay, I can't believe you were stupid enough to shout into the phone when you called Harry and Haylee," Asher mocks me, as we sit around the breakfast table.

"Like you can talk, Ash," I retort. "At least I didn't give the 'famous Haylee Potter' a concussion."

"Taylor!" Mum scolds me, although Ash laughs along with me.

"They need to make jokes about it, Amelia, it's the only way he'll ever truly get over it," dad says knowingly, looking up from his paper.

"Don't encourage her, Aidan," mum murmurs.

Dad grins at me from across the table and winks, before folding the paper up and placing it in front of him.

"That Black fellow, eh? I never saw that coming," he says shortly after.

"What? Sirius Black?" I question him. "You mean that mass murderer guy in Azkaban?"

"Well he's not in Azkaban anymore, sweetheart," he answers. "He escaped not too long ago."

"What from the so-called break out proof prison? Bullshit!" Asher exclaims, dropping his spoon in in cereal bowl.

"Language, Asher!" Mum says irritably.

"He got past the Dementors like he was invisible," dad continues. "And now he's roaming the streets of England. Fudge says he's armed, as well."

"With what? A wand?"

"No, one of those fancy Muggle devices they use," dad says. "Ugh! What are they called! Arthur was only just telling me about them the other day!"

"I think you mean a gun, love," mum murmurs, smiling slightly.

"That's the one."

"What a manic," I comment. "Like he's a complete nutter."

"Yes, but he's a dangerous manic, Tay, Ash, you need to be careful at Hogwarts this year - especially because you're friends with -"

"Aidan, we agreed not to say anything," mum says in a undertone.

"What's happening?" Asher questions.

"Amelia, they're going to find out one way or another, especially Taylor," dad says, ignoring us.

"And when they find out, it won't be from us, Aidan," Mum says firmly.

"Amelia," dad sighs.
"Aidan," she mimicks.

"Okay, what the bloody hell is wrong?" I exclaim irritably, sick of them both.

"It's The Potter Twins -"
"You're pretty good friends with Haylee and Harry, right?"
"I thought so, well it's rumoured that Black is -"

Dad suddenly stops and clears his throat awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.


"It's rumoured that the escapee will be caught soon, anyhow," mum says sternly, buttering a piece of toast casually. "You have absolutely nothing to worry about."

Lies, all lies.


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