2: Touch

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"Can you please tell me what I did?" I pleaded with the voice every time it came to visit me which was at most once a day.

I had my ankles tied with duck tape as well as my wrists. I wasn't allowed to take off what was placed on my eyes. I tried to before...but there must be cameras in here because it immediately sensed some way that I was trying to take off whatever I had and it punished me.

It being this damned person who is keeping me here. I have no idea what he or she wants.

It told me to not try anything again and that it would know if or when I did. So since then I haven't tried.

I don't have to be told twice to behave when I know the consequences aren't so forgettable...

"Now why would I do that?" The monotone robotic voice told me and I swallowed the anger trying to control me. I was not going to lash out.

"Because there's no reason I can think of for you keeping me here!" My voice came out desperate. I was technically desperate.

"Oh trust me, there is." Was all it said before leaving me alone again, my thoughts getting the better of me and making me feel like my grip on insanity had loosened even more since the last time it came here.

God! Please help me, I begged the heavens above.


"Are you ready to part-ay!" Ron screamed ecstatically as he parked the car outside the large lake house.

I nodded my head just as eagerly as his mood.

"Born ready!" We opened our doors at the same time and made our way to the entrance where the booming music invaded my ears.

Surprisingly enough, there wasn't many people out here. About five people at most but seemed like no one else wanted to leave the party...

Once we reached the front door Ron grabbed my arm and squeezed it.

I turned to look at him and saw the big smile on his near perfect face.

"After you, m'lady." He gave me a small push towards the door with his shoulder and I grabbed the handle. I took in a deep breath.

Tonight was going to be fun.

I pushed the doorknob down and it opened and immediately the deafening music became ten times louder! I laughed.

"Wow this is great." I muttered to myself. So far it was just like I thought it would be.

I pushed the door open all the way and was greeted with the color red.

I woke up heavily breathing. It hurt, my chest really hurt. I was crying. The memory from two weeks ago was not helping me.

I am so mad at it for ruining my first experience at a high school party. Why did this have to happen to me?

What had I done? I was a good person. Or at least I tried to be. I didn't think I'd ever done something bad enough to have this sort of punishment. The thing that bugged me constantly was the fact I had no idea who it was. There was nothing that I could get a hint from.

The only thing I knew about them was that they had smooth yet calloused hands. That was only from one experience too, I had been trying to escape, well it was more of just throwing a tantrum. Anyways I threw myself to the floor, the thing is that I was tied to a chair so it hurt like a bítch. The wooden chair broke but I had hurt my arm quite badly. As soon as that had happened it broke into my solitary confinement.

It was cussing at me and it always wore gloves whenever they were around me. This time however, it didn't have any, probably from the hurry to get to me before I took off my stupid blindfold which by the way was duck tape and then a blindfold on top.

They had picked me up aggressively and all that I could focus on was the feel of their hands on me. It wasn't the feel of the cool or too hot leather from their gloves anymore no, it was actually skin to skin contact. Something I didn't think would ever happen with it.

Ever since that day they haven't touched me, not skin to skin at least.

However I'm no longer tied to a chair. Instead I have one hand handcuffed to a metal bed with an almost nonexistent mattress. I'm grateful that I'm no longer on that damned wooden chair but this sorta sucks as well. I am still not allowed to take off the 'blindfold'.

"Dinner time." I heard the sound of a heavy door being opened and then I heard a tray hit the floor. It slid and it hit my barefoot.

I was quick to pick it up from the ground before the rats could beat me to it. I've learned my lesson.

Then they left, I began to feel a sort of hollowness in my chest. I missed my family, I missed my dad.

I'll make it out for you, Dad. I will try my hardest to break out of here, I promise.

I began to eat, trying not to spit out the food it fed me. This was the only food I would get, it fed me enough food on it's one visit for three small meals a day but it was always barely edible food. I could barely swallow the nastiness. I did it only to not make it mad. One time I couldn't take the horrible food and it took it as a sign of ungratefulness.

I haven't taken a shower or bathed in weeks, well, I've been stuck here for only two weeks but they were full of torture. Not literally, I mean, of course it had hurt me physically but I expect that from a kidnapper. It never touched me in a sexual way, thank god. I think it was almost more disgusted with me than I with it. Almost.

After ten bites I couldn't take anymore and I decided to "go to sleep" truth being was I just laid for hours until I eventually fall into some sleep for possibly an hour or two and am then woken up by it. Maybe someday I'll go back to my normal life, I refuse to believe that I won't break out of here.

Even if I have to kill it. That's how desperate I am to get back to my dad and Ron.

Just like the last fourteen days, I laid down on the small mattress and tried but miserably failed to not pay attention to the rats running around on the floor or the roaches that are probably crawling all around me.

What did I do to deserve this?


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