Cover Art & Part III News etc...

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Hello Dreamers! (That's my new nickname for y'all. You like?)

Soooo a lot is going on. I wanted to share some Dream series news with you and figured I'd do it here in hopes that my Dax fans get the message.

1) I wanted to share the awesome cover art that was submitted to me by the wonderful @Ashes8.
I love it & had to show it off. For someone to go to the trouble of making me a cover means the world to me. Thank you! ♡ It makes me want to have a cover art contest for the next book. ;)

2) I'm working on a couple of special projects including my paranormal story Uninvited that you should check out because Halloween is coming and that's the best time to read a ghost story. ;) I previously deleted it and reposted it as a new story so you'll have to re-add it to your library. If you like paranormal thrillers with a bit of unexpected romance, go check it out.

3) Also, My BIG Book of Interviews has officially begun. PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT!!! I really want to help the undiscovered gems as well as help readers/writers pick up advice from the discovered authors featured. It'll be ongoing so add it to your library or something so you get updates. ;)

4) The title to book III of the Dream series will be called Dream Crasher! Do you like it? I personally love it!

5) I won't be starting Dream Crasher until mid to late October BUT I WILL be sharing teasers and bonus DAX content before then via Twitter. So if you aren't following me, you may want to. The link to my Twitter is on my profile. SheHopes101

6) Again, thank you all for reading, voting, and sharing Dream Catcher and Dreamscape. Everytime you vote or comment, it motivates me to keep writing plus it helps new readers come across the series and that's just incredible to me.

*hugs you all tight*

-Sandra ❤

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