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somewhat edited

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somewhat edited

"Oh my god look at Scott and Allison! My feels!" I heard Elizabeth sigh, staring dreamily her OTP, frosting swiped on her upper lip.

"I know, god I know." I chuckle, watching Allison and Lydia make there way through the halls like they owned them. I snuggled further into my bean bag chair, and brought yet another greasy frenchfry to my lips, munching on it noiselessly.

After watching Elizabeth cry relentlessly I gave up and decided that we needed to get our minds of things. Elizabeth was one of the nicest girls ever, she would probably even stop to help a rogue who threatened our pack if he was defenseless. She had nothing to worry about, there was no way in hell that she could even kill a fly much less injure Alpha Blaze's fighter's to eat.

Mean while, I had something to worry about, but I wasn't going get in my way, my best friend was sobbing her heart out-I was going to something about about it.

I dragged her to my bedroom and announce that we were going to have a Teen Wolf Marathon. I flicked on Netflix, ordered some burgers, pizza, and fries (if you haven't figured it out already, I have a very strong addiction to unhealthy food), and finally collapsed on my orange bean bag chairs greedily staring at fetus Scott and Stiles in season 1 of Teen Wolf.

"I'm thirsty!" Lizzy complained, dragging the end of thirsty extra long. She flung her head back and stretched, giving me a pleading look. I huffed crossing my arms, not bothering to look at her.

"No way I'm missing Scott and Allison get it on!" I accentuated, slurping on my slushy. Now that I think about it, that sounded perverted.

"But Aurora! My throat is going to literally die! C'mon!" Lizzy let a few more string of complaints as I rolled my eyes and got up, my legs burning from finally standing up after who knows how long.

"Fine" I muttered, puling my hair into a messy bun, fiery red tendrils framing my face, I realized how cold it actually was, as I stepped out into the hallway.

My pastel blue shorts and white crop top, were concentrating the heat away from me by the second as I felt a colony of goosebumps settle over my legs and arms, bringing a shiver down my back. I crossed my arms over my chest and huddled, my wolf feeling anxious and alert.

Tiptoeing trough the halls, I walked past my father's office. I heard muffled whispers from the office as I backed up, and pressed my ear against the door. I barely managed to make out a few words: Alpha, Scared, safety, execution, mad. I knew exactly what they were talking but I refused to acknowledge it as I walked to the kitchen. In the kitchen I grabbed a clear glass cup, and shoved it against the refrigerator's water filter thingy. I watched the steady stream of clear water crash into the cup, like ferocious waves the midst of a storm. When it was completely filledl, I pulled it away, clutching the cool glass and walking back down the hallway.

I passed the terrace, and decided to step out onto it for a little bit and enjoy the chilly fall air. I leaned against the balcony, my hair blowing in my face, the cool air stabbing my face with its sharp little claws. All of the sudden I heard a loud roar, a mechanical one. I looked down to see multiple fancy black cars pull up in the driveway of the pack house. There were 4 SUVs and I limousine, two SUVs were either behind the limousine or in front of it.

Then I saw small figures and I immediately knew it was why my dad, the beta, and delta were in  proper formal attire, but it was hard to miss the fear that washed over them.

Figuring it must be Alpha Blaze, I too started to get a little nervous, but not before scoffing at the fact that he took a limousine. He was a fucking werewolf for god sake! Suddenly the limousine door opened and out stepped Alpha Blaze.

And just like that I fucking melted like a candlestick.

He had dark brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes, with rugged stubble that I longed to brush my face against. He had on business attire, and I couldn't stop drooling over him. His jaw could probably cut through stone! And his lips, the things he could do with those lips, I just imagined them all over my, gently sucking-

I stopped my erotic thoughts when I smelled a breath taking scent, pinewood, mint, almost a deep ground coffee. Where was it coming from? I didn't have anymore time to indulge in the scent, when he flicked his eyes up and they landed on mine. His gaze seemed to be piercing through my soul, as he narrowed his eyes are started sniffing. I freaked at the fact that he looked for me, and make bee-line to the entrance back into the hall from the terrace.

I raced into my room to Elizabeth still sitting in the same spot munching on potato chips and watching Derek interrogate Scott and Stiles. By now my heart was thumping erratically in my chest as I breathed in an out, trying to calm myself.

"You got my water?" Elizabeth asked in a monotonous voice not bothering to look at me.

I realized I left it at the terrace and a sheepish smile came across my face,"Well you see..." I nervously laughed.


"I got a little caught up."

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