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Hello guys! So I decided to create a book dedicated to this since my thread failed, I hope this wont fail though I absolutely understand if it does. I'm pretty new to trailers and I've just got Sony Vegas and I have 2 trailers so far which you can check by clicking on the external link or going to my Book "Covers". I have a few rules for this though and they are pretty important if you want to get a chance at receiving a trailer. Also don't expect much from me because my trailers are anywhere near good, I'm just a beginner and so I need more practice.

There are a few rules to this because trailers are really hard and give much work as you might imagine, especially if you want them to come out somewhat decent. So I ask you to put as much effort when filling your form as much effort you want me to put in your trailer because if you give me a poor form you wont get a trailer.

I do not ask for any payment but only for the credit I deserve if you use the trailer, whenever sharing it.

+Be very patient, these take time!

+Use only the form provided in the next post!

+ In the form, when I say clips, please add a link to the video on youtube and mention the time (i.e 1:33-1:50);

+When I say text, mention in which slide;

+Detailed ideas;

+Music/Audio track;

+Your story must be posted;

+No musicians or people that don't have much clips that I can work with; Also no video interviews and such;

I think after all this, you are good to go to the next post, unless your story does not match the requeriments :s

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