"Zaynie's really excited.." Niall sat cross legged on the kitchen counter, watching Harry at the stove.

The smell of chocolate chip cookies filled thier tiny flat when Harry brought them out. "I know he is", he gave a small smile and took the oven mit off.

That's all Niall had talked about since they had been home. Zayn and Louis, Zayn and Louis that. He just couldn't quite understand why his boyfriend was so concerned with it.

"Why's it matter so much?", Harry asked casually, taking a paper towel and grabbing a few cookies. He handed them to Niall and gazed at him.

"I just...", Niall took a huge bite of one, basically the whole cookie in his mouth," I don't know... Its cool...?" Truth was, the man was jealous. Jealous of Louis and Zayn. Here they were, happily married and on the way to a child and here he was. Don't get him wrong, he was happy with Harry, he really was but it irritated him.

He wanted a family too, but he couldn't even get Harry to commit. Everytime he brought it up, Harry just brushed it off.

"Yeah.." Harry nibbled a cookie and looked at Niall's face. He saw a mixture of irritation..and something, but he couldn't quite see what it was. He wanted a family with Niall, but he was afraid. Afraid that he would end up like his father. Niall knew nothing about that, and he didn't plan on telling him.

Des Styles had been an awful man. It hadn't always been like that, though. Before Harry had been born, his father had been a happy carefree man. He had a childish love for his mother. They would take long walks on the beach and go to the fair together. Nothing had gone wrong until she announced her pregnancy. Immediately, Des had began accusing her of sleeping around.

Things didn't get better even when he was born. Curly hair and hazel eyes weren't even enough proof for his father. Since the day he came home, Des had hated Harry. He called him the 'lovechild of a whore'.

His mother had tried her best to convince Harry that Des didn't mean any of it, but it was no good. He grew up with a father that hated him. Harry tried to talk to him about it once, but it only resulted in him getting hit.

Des wasn't abusive by any means. Except when he was drunk. By the time Harry was 16, before the x-factor, Des Styles had become a hopeless alcoholic. One day, he just up and left.

Harry and his mum returned from a day on the town to find all of Des's belongings gone. All that was left was a note saying he didn't want to be with them anymore and that divorce papers would be in the mail. He didn't even want to know what his father would do if he ever found out his boy was gay.

That's what Harry was afraid of. Becoming a drunk, accusing Niall of cheating and hating his child as it grew up. He didn't want turn out like his father- a bastard. He wouldn't be able to take it if it happened.

A sigh from Niall brought him back to reality. All three cookies that had been in the napkin were gone, nothing but crumbs left in their wake. "Harry...?" There was nothing more he could on the subject. When Harry zoned out like that, he knew. It was just best to change the subject. "You know what we haven't done in awhile..?"

"What..?" Harry looked at him with cookie crumbs falling from his lips.

A smile worked its way to Niall's lips. "Showered together.."

"Mhmm...." Harry wiped his mouth and reached across the counter, taking Niall's hand. "You look dirty, Ni.."

He giggled and held his pale arms out. Niall loved it when Harry's playful side came out. It always made him forget what he was fretting about. Two arms reached out pulled him from the counter, lifting him easily.

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