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Pen Your Pride

December Chapter 1 (Succubus Teen Romance)

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Chapter 2 was just uploaded! *yay* Please check it out and comment, thanks!


Chapter 1

I sat lazily on the front steps of the school, feeling the energy buzzing in the air. It was a rare gift of mine, one that I meticulously hid from prying eyes. The day I turned seven I experienced this for the first time along with a string of other abnormalities.

Even now, as the energy tickled my skin with promise, I was taken aback by the rawness of it. I was no longer the timid, lonely child I had been when I was seven, but I supposed some things would never change.

I had learned long ago what I was, though you'd never hear me call myself a succubus. When my mother was just out of college, young and ready to conquer the world, she met my father. Though he was gone before I was even born, I had heard that he was the most charmingly handsome man my mother had ever seen. Long story short, my father was my mother's first and last one-night stand.

Seven months later, I was born premature and the doctors had thought I was a stillborn. I barely moved and they detected no heartbeat, yet I blinked curiously as they prodded me with their equipment. My mother had somehow known I was different and, against the doctors urging, took me home the next day.

I watched the students pile into the school as the bell rang, feeling the energy mounting dangerously. Many of the guys leered at me, though it happened far too often for me to even acknowledge their disgusting smiles. Along with my strange powers came unwanted advantages, all meant to lure men.

As a succubus, it's in my nature to seduce and drain men of their energy. I don't have to eat food, but one day I'll need to feed on this energy to live. Although I wasn't someone who just ignored a problem, I found that it was easier to just not think about it until it was absolutely necessary to do so.

Suddenly, a large wave of energy shocked me. Over the years I had noticed that some people had more energy then others, but never had I felt something so powerful or seductive. Then, as quickly as it hit me, it disappeared. I glanced around curiously, looking for even the slightest hint of the human wielding that much power. Much to my dismay, I was interrupted by the warning bell. With one last fleeting look, I scooped up my books and jogged off to my first class.

My English classroom was always unbearably hot. I was convinced that the school turned off the air-conditioning in this room to save money or to torture the students; I guess both were accomplished. Mr. Edwards, the English teacher, was always in a bad mood though I expect I would be too if I knew I'd be spending my entire day in this classroom.

As I walked in late, I wasn't the least bit intimidated as Mr. Edwards stiffly jerked his finger from me to his desk. It was times like this that I almost enjoyed being a succubus.

Mr. Edwards massaged his completely bald head, which made the anger in his next words almost comical. "My god, Leah. What is wrong with you? You're always coming in late without an excuse and to be quite frank, I'm getting sick of it."

I took a long breath before tipping my face up and capturing his eyes, feeling my own power ripple through my body. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Edwards. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you, I would be grateful." I made my voice of soft caress, willing his will to bend into mine. His jaw went slack and his eyes glazed over. I could have been saying anything to him, but I also needed to put on a show for the other students. It would draw attention if I could simply talk my way out of anything.

"I want to talk to you after class, but for now just go take a seat." He said as I released my control over him. I nodded solemnly and turned around to take my seat when I felt it again. The energy hit me in waves, making my entire body numb. It took all my self-control to keep my composure and take my seat.

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