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Today officially marks six years since I last saw him.

I would've completely forgotten about him if it weren't for -

A loud thud jerks me out of my thoughts causing me to run out of my room and into the neighbouring one.

The sight that greets me caused me to sink into the floor looking upwards to the ceiling.

"Why, God?" I questioned loudly.

"My name Anthony, mama," I couldn't help but smile at my five year old son.

Inhaling a deep breath I stood up and start cleaning up my son's mess. And to think I'd just tided his room yesterday!

"What's with the mess Ant man?" Picking up his underwear from the foot of his bed.

"Getting ready for school mama!" His excitement was infectious.

I reciprocate his grin. "Oh yeah big boy?" I stood up giving up on his mess.

"Mmhm," was his reply.

"Alright darling, since you beat mommy to it,why don't we go downstairs? I'll let you eat breakfast in front of the tv while I get ready, OK? " I carried my big baby out of his room.

Setting him on the couch I asked him what he wanted for breakfast.

"Pancakes! Pancakes!" He says excitedly.

I turned on the tv looking for Nick Jr, and just our luck Blues clues was playing.

When I entered the kitchen I quickly prepared our breakfast, which consisted of pancakes, french toast and scrambled eggs. Then proceed on to fix his lunch .

After breaking Ant's pancake into pieces I took his to him along with chocolate syrup and milk ,not forgetting his plastic fork of course!

"Thank you mama!" He kisses my cheek eagerly.

"You're welcome, baby. Just eat slowly alright darling?" I kissed him before running upstairs to shower.

This was the first time I've left him alone to eat by himself and I was worried.

Today is going to be great, I thought to myself.

But as usual, I thought too soon.

Three minutes into my shower, I realized that my bloody shampoo was finished.

"Thank you life,for raining on my parade." I said to no one in particular.

I ended up washing my hair with my body wash.

  I quickly got dressed in a comfortable white sundress that stopped just above my knees teamed with my favorite tanned sandals. To finish off my look I applied some lip gloss and ran to check my son.

"Ant man,you done? " I asked while descending the stairs.

"Yes,mommy." he sounded distracted.

I picked up his plate and went to wash it quickly before eating my share of the food.

Checking the wall clock it was 7:01am so my baby and I were early today.

By the time we arrived at my café it was 7:15 and my best friend Helen was already there fixing up the various coffee machines .

"Hey babe!" She hollered when we entered,when she saw Ant she ran to him before scoping him into her arms.

"And, how is my favorite little man?" she trails kisses all over his face causing him to giggle.

"Need any help? " I asked, making my way towards the back room.

"Yeah,can you finish moving the muffins to the display? " I held up a hand to tell her I heard.

The muffins were smelling beautiful as usual especially the banana flavored ones. Trust my dear friend to whip up amazing muffins.

After that I fixed myself an espresso and a banana muffin (I payed of course)

I found my son and his godmother sitting at a nearby table sharing a cookie .

"So,what're you two talking about?" I asked before sipping my beverage.

"Ant man,was just telling me how he being the big boy he is,got ready by himself earlier." She pinched his chubby cheeks.

I couldn't help but beam at my little boy,he had my brown eyes but everything was his father.

"Do you want some honey?" I pointed to the muffin.

Shaking his head I split the muffin in half giving the other half to Helen.

Before I took my son to school.

I walked him in,"Have fun darling, I'll pick you up later." After hugging him I retreated to work.

I sat in my little office going over our bank statements. Something was definitely wrong because the statements sent by the back don't match my records.

I was in the middle of trying to fill out some bank reconciliation statements.

Feeling parched, I poured myself some water before standing to walk around the room to stretch my legs.

So far business has been good,Tali's had been around for eight years. It was first started by my mother but she gave me the company when I was 22 and fresh out of Brown University's school of Business and pregnant with my precious little boy.

My door swung open and my darling best friend, coworker and godmother to my son rushed in all flushed.

"What's wrong? " I yelled out in fright.

She turned, checking her back as if a murderer was coming after her with a chainsaw.

With one big slam, my office door closed as she walks towards me trying to trying to control her breathing.

"Th-the son of a do-douche and some Barbie looking tramp is ou-outside." She pants.

"I'm sorry,what? Who?" I was beyond confused. 

She took a seat while I poured her another glass of water.

"Now,breathe,then tell me what's gotten your panties in a twist?" I tried to cover my laugh because seeing her like this was fun.

I heard her draw in air,looked me dead in the eye and told me something I for one had been trying to hide my baby from these past few years.

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