Austin Mahone Imagines <3

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#Imagine Youre playing with ur daughter as Austin walks in. Austin: "Daddy's back from work" ur daughter runs into his arms "yee" she smiles

#Imagine The crew staring at a pic of you. Robert: I like her eyes. Zach: Omg her hair.. Alex: Her lip- Austin: DONT GO TOO FAR SHES MINE!

#Imagine You & Austin kissing in the rain as your fingers are tangled in his hair & he grips you by the hip close to your body.

#Imagine Austin almost kissing you as Alex walks in. Alex: "You're cheating on me Austin? Well you two are cute so i'll allow it" he laughs.

#Imagine "I've never seen a beautiful girl like you" Austin whispers in your ear while youre standing right next to him in your prom dress.

#Imagine Austin grabs u, pulls u under the blankets & starts tickling u. You: "Austin STOP" Austin: "U know what to do" he point at his lips

#Imagine U're having a water fight with the crew. Robert makes you all wet & you start shivering. Austin: HOW DARE YOU TO DO THAT TO MY GIRL YOU DICK.

#Imagine You're going to suprise Austin on a photoshoot. When he sees you he smiles and walks up to you before kissing you.

#Imagine Being at a wedding. Austin interwined his fingers with your's & says "In some years we'll do it better than them" he smiles.

#Imagine You: "ouw, my lips hurt." Austin kisses them passionately & then stops and smiles at you. Austin: "And now?"

#Imagine Austin playing with your daughter. Austin: "Say daddy!" Daughter: *silent* Austin: "C'mon say daddy" You walk by. Daughter: "MOMMY"

#Imagine Austin gives you a boquet of roses. You: Why is there a fake one? Austin: When the last rose dies that's when ill stop loving you <3


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