The Meaning of Larf

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Larfing Matters


he meaning of life has eluded us since Pontius was a pilot, or before then, when Adam and Eve started begetting all sorts of people with unpronounceable names. In spite of all our amazing knowledge and ability to communicate it, no one has come up with a definitive meaning for life – if they had there would only be one religion and one guru. As it is, the number of religions is increasing and there’s a new philosophy, a new diet, a new business system and a new way of trying to be what you’re not, coming out every day. And, like riding a bike or making love, life doesn’t have to be understood to be enjoyed ... in fact, those who think they have the answers (priests, philosophers, gurus) seem to have very serious faces and not a lot of fun. If that’s their meaning of life, they’re welcome to it. So, let’s get off the need to understand anything and just have some fun, spreading some silliness through this ever-so-earnest world of ours.

What we do all know for a certainty is that the meaning of larf (or laugh for those who speak properly English) is larf itself. It’s just good to do and we all feel better for a good larf. And larfs are so contagious – you can’t help larfing when someone else does and it’s so easy to get others to do it – just fake a larf and they’re off – the simplest and cheapest way of healing an earnest and depressed world. And, to my strange mind, health and happiness are attracted to the simplest and cheapest of remedies, while the more complex and expensive remedies seem to spawn a whole host of other problems, as Dr Bruce Halstead, Director of the World Life Research Institute, Colton, California, stated in his article The Health Plan for the United States:

The bottom line is to keep America sick, as sick people make astronomical amounts of money for the medical profession. Medical care is a monopolistic industry that generates in excess of $600 billion per year, or almost 12% of the Gross National Product. It has been estimated by the coalition of Immune System Disorders that more than 65 million Americans are suffering from secondary immune deficiency disorders. Cancer generates more than $100 billion a year, with one person dying of cancer every 64 seconds, about 1,350 people per day or 500,000 people per year. More than a trillion dollars has been spent and wasted in the war against cancer.

And, talking of cheap, all of the following words have come to me for nothing. They turn up in my computer each day and I have no idea who wrote them originally. It seems to me that the universe, daily, offers us free wisdom and so few of us take the chance to learn, grow or heal from it.

‘Well,’ I thought, ‘they come into my world, I have a giggle, and they go out again. What a shame they don’t stay for longer as I still get a good larf each time I read them’. And so this boook – to celebrate the (largely) anonymous geniuses we meet every day, in our homes, communities and work-places, with their quick quip, their insightful invective, their wily wisdom, to help us through another minute, hour, day or year. They know not what healing they bring to this world. Thank you from the bottom, top, sides and every other part of my heart and funny bone.

Those who are not anonymous have (obviously!) been given credit for their words and they will also receive a copy of this book, except for those deceased geniuses on page 16 … I’m sure someone ‘upstairs’ will appraise them of their continued notieriety.

And if you’re out there and wish to claim some sort of royalty, please let me know. And if you want your silly wisdom to go down in posterity, also let me know for there will surely be other books – I had so much fun doing this that I just have to do it again.

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