Chapter 164

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Even if the world went up in flames, rippling with demons and victims of his past, threatening consume him for eternity and beyond, he wouldn't have cared. He would have welcomed the flame, welcomed death. He was invincible. He was Zayn Malik. He could bring the world to its knees with the snap of his finger, but he was not capable of winning the heart of the woman he loved. He was unworthy of happiness. So close yet so far.

To have everything, yet nothing.

He leaned against the window of her room as he scanned the place where she spent her nights. Even her room felt empty and lifeless. She never thought of his palace as a home, he guessed. It was only temporary, maybe she always knew that he would let her go and that her time here was dwindling with each sunrise and one day he would see the light and let her go. Maybe she had faith in an ember of kindness among all that hideous, monstrous thoughts.

His heart bled. With each fallen grain of time, something churned deep within. He wished to sink, to his knees and weep and weep and weep till there no tears were left and all his memories of her were washed away. And he, finally clean of the love chaining his heart.

Love was truly a noose. He'd tied it around his own neck, willingly. He'd fallen for her, willingly. He'd trusted and hoped that she would catch him as he fell, but she did not. She did not, and now, broken and crippled and without a reason to live, he had decided to let her go. One broken soul was better than two.

"Don't do it," Lucifer taunted at Zayn's side, his sharp features manifested from the shadows outcasted by the silver moonlight. His hand, trailing down the King's back, sent shivers of fear and fury exploding in its wake, calling forth the darkness that lay within Zayn. "Don't let her go. The baby can still be saved. I can save it. Let it live. She will love the baby and she will love you. You can make her. Fûck it into her. Break her till she is nothing. Burn away the parts of her that loves Harry. Replace it love for you."

"Leave me be."

"Don't let her go."

"Leave me alone!" Zayn snarled, face darkening, fangs scrapping her his plump lower lips. His eyes, bloodshot from tears, burned with bloodlust, as were every cell in his body, seeking the sweet pleasure of a violet kill, the delicacy of blood.

"She is yours, you know. Everything in this world is yours. You own her. You own everything. She is yours to fûck and love and toy with. She is yours. If you want her on her knees, her lips around your shaft and her brēasts in your palms, you know you can make it happen. You have to fight for what you want Zayn. You are not a coward." Lucifer's words were a song, melodic and soft, rhythmic and elegant, each word birthed and danced at the tip of his tongue in a downpour.

Zayn turned his head away. Jaw clenched, two fists pressing against the wooden window ledge, he wished he could block Lucifer out, slice the bāstard till he was nothing but a pulp of blood and bone, a rodent's feast. He wished his heart didn't warm, his heartstrings didn't dance at the prospect of the future painted by the sinister beast at his side.

Everything the demon said, was true. Zayn was taking the road less travelled. One where all he would receive was pain, and every nectar of happiness tasted by the mouths of others, never him. He can keep Evelyn, his Evelyn, here, locked away in this palace, be his whōre and toy and lover and wife and queen and anything he wanted. He could make it happen. Determination was all he need, and a heart of stone.

Eyes set on the night that spanned out before him, the garden lit by scattered dots of brightness, he thought of Harry, waiting at the stable. A nod of his head was all it would take. A wish of his heart, and Harry's he'd would be rolling, earth would be painted red with his blood. Evelyn would grieve. But she would get over it. He could make sure of that. Once he tells her of their baby, she may freak out, wish its death. Or she may beam with joy, love both he and the baby with every thing she had. Either way, it wouldn't matter. If Zayn wanted to keep the baby, the baby would live.

You own her. You own the child. You are Zayn Malik, and you bow down to no one. You will not be afraid. You will take what you what, what you deserve, the happiness he'd been owed since the beginning of time. Take the woman you love, make her yours.

"Shut up!" Zayn roared, the words an explosion burning with the promise of death. The room shook as the wave of his voice ricocheted off the walls, trembling with fear. Backing away from Lucifer, who stalked closer with each hefty step of retreat, Zayn added, "Leave me."

The demon grinned. "You know it is the truth. Why put yourself through the pain? Being altruistic is over rated. Why put anyone else before yourself? Nobody's feeling is as important as your own. She's done nothing but hurt you, Zayn. Make her pay for it. Wait till she comes, wait till you can hold her in your arms, wait till you have her pressed against the wall and her body so soft and nubile against yours. You won't be able to let her go. You never had the will to let her go. You will always love yourself more than you love her."

"You're wrong," Zayn's voice came as a hollow growl.

Some things were easier said than done.

Lucifer simmered like a snake, his grin unnaturally wide and his eyes glowing red in the darkness as he faded to shadows.

Not a heartbeat later, footsteps approached from the hall way, swift and light.


His Evie.

Evie. His Evie.

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