Psychopath Killers

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I always wondered if I could be a ninja and this situation made me certain that the next James Bond? Yeah, that could totally be me.

Of course, most spies don't have spells to keep them hidden, but I believe that it counts as using your skills to your advantage. Right now, sneaking along the alley outside of the Three Broomsticks, with my body hidden from sight with a disillusionment charm, I was feeling pretty proud of my ninja-like silence.

The minute James hauled Sirius out of the pub, I instantly got up to follow. I know I shouldn't have, but, come on, I'm a teenage girl... Gossip!

So I followed them and watched as James dragged Sirius down the alley, with a very angry look on his face, making him look kind of hot and sexy... Anyway, I decided that, to not seem like the nosey cow that I was, I would hide myself.

And here I am, behind a bin, watching James smack Sirius over the head once. Hard.

"You absolute and utter twat!" He whispered furiously. "You could have gotten caught! What hell were you doing?"

Sirius rubbed his cheek with a slightly bemused look on his face. He gave James a small smile, but it faded when he noticed that James was totally not in the mood for his sarcasm.

"Ah, come on, Prongs!" He tried, pushing his hair out of his face. "She wouldn't have guessed it was me."

I shuffled closer in attempt to hear better. What was him? I don't think I could possibly miss the sight of Sirius Black. When he was around, you could just smell the sarcasm and cockiness.

James, however, did not seem impressed. "I only just got her to go on a date with me, Sirius! She only just found out about," he glanced around to check that no one was listening, "Remus's fury little problem. She can't see you like that," he blew out a long breath of annoyance. "What were you thinking?"

Sirius frowned. I suppose he wasn't used to being told of by the head Marauder for marauding. "I was just messing around, James," he leant against the wall behind him and then grimaced when he saw all the chewed up gum, jerking away. "It was just a prank. Anyway, Lily seemed to enjoy it."

James scowled at that.

Clearly, I was missing something because as far as I'm aware, I haven't seen Sirius all day, especially not on my date with James, so what was he going on about and why was it annoying James so much?

James ran a hand through his hair. "She did not!" He yelled, his face turning red. "She would have been disgusted if she knew it was you!"

Sirius crossed is arms and smirked. "I dunno mate," he replied. "I'd say I met second bass before you did."

Whoa! Hold it there, Black. What the hell are you talking about. If he was sprouting lies to James to make him mad at me, if was going to have to curse him into oblivion, Mel or no Mel.

"That," James spat, "did not count!"

I blinked and threw my hands up in the air in annoyance. Unfortunately for me, that meant that the bin in front of me was sent flying in James's direction, food and rubbish toppling out. I cursed myself internally for not having a single covert cell in my body. Basically, I'm a sucky ninja.

James and Sirius spun around to where I was standing, raising their wands, ready to chuck curses at me. "Reveal yourself." James demanded. 

I sighed sadly, wondering how I would ever be an Auror  if this was the best I could do. I took out my wand and tapped my head, letting the cold trickle flood my spine, revealing my awkward smile.

"Surprise?" I asked, nervously.

They both lowered their wands, but the didn't seem to have relaxed. In fact, they looked horrified that I was there. I mean, hello, my presence isn't that terrible.

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