Chapter 13

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~~~JAKE'S POV~~~


To be honest I thought they would be a group of mean looking people since the rumors say they don't care for anybody, but themselves.

I even heard that their alpha is ruthless and doesn't tolerate disrespect. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to talk sh*t or see for myself.

I had talked to a few people awhile back saying I needed help with training my pack since a few unwanted visitors started to increase.

No matter how many times I asked they would always point me in another direction saying they were busy with their own problems dealing with rouges.

Until finally I met someone who said they could try and help me....


I walked into his office hoping that I had finally found someone who could help me, but when I walked in I could tell he had his hands full unlike the other alphas who lied.

He was about in his late thirties and I could tell he had more pack problems then I had by the stack of papers he had scattered all over his desk.

"Sorry for the wait I had to deal with a few things and I still didn't even have time to make my office look more decent." He sighed rubbing hi forehead

"Umm... It's okay don't worry about it... I uh can see you have your hands full yourself." I said nervously

"Yeah, there just inside pack problems, like who will have to cook, the chores, and few problems that have been coming up with jealous mates." He said smiling " so what is it need kid? Cause I'm sure you didn't come here for some brunch"

"My pack and I have been having some problems with rouges coming on to our land. It wasn't that bad at first, but the numbers have seem to increase and my pack isn't that experienced in fighting, so I wanted to know if I could get some help?" I asked him

"Sorry kid I've got my hands full a pack of rouges attacked us not to long ago luckily we knew someone who was willing to help us at the last minute. Long story short we would have lost if it weren't for them. It's not that we were inexperienced fighters, we just didn't equal them in numbers." He said

"Well do you think they'd be willing to help me if I visited them?" I asked with hope

"You can't visit them since you would most likely end up dead before you talk to the alpha, but you can send a letter and I'll give a call recommending they send there best fighters to you." He said

After he said that the only thing going through my mind was the fact that we were finally getting help hell! Even though I didn't know from who it was, it gave me hope that my pack wouldn't go extinct.

I got up and shook his hand with a smile "Thank you! You don't know how much this means to me Alpha James." I said


I was startled out of my thoughts by a loud knock. I closed the folders and put them in my files.

"Come in." I said

"Alpha Grey my... Umm a-alpha called saying they finished their current business and should be here by tomorrow." Logan said and paled at the word alpha

"Is everything alright?" I asked not really caring whether he answered or not, but was surprised he did since they didn't talk to us and when they did they were just simple replies.

"She sent the videos." He muttered before closing the door


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