The Beginning

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It was a dark and murky night, footsteps are heard all around the Goblin Castle. Jareth the Goblin King was the source of those foot steps, looking for a book in the secret library.

He has been trying to find the right spell, and this was the night to do it! He kept looking and looking until he heard a noise from the stairs. It was a spirit, but it was the spirit of the Life Fae, his mother.

"What are you doing my son?" she asked.

"I am going to be lonely no more, mother. I am going to do a spell to have a little Fae of my own." said Jareth with a stare and finally grabbed a book.

"You know what would happen if the spell doesn't work. The child will die and your energy will be gone!" the Life Fae said, with Jareth shaking his head, knowing what would happen if the spell went wrong.

"Tonight is the night to even do this spell,the full moon has the most power. I will take this chance even if it means my powers will be gone! I want someone to care for, someone to teach, someone that will be there by my side..." Jareth had almost wanted to cry, but he wasn't going to be emotional at a time like this.

He was determined, and he went on with preparing for the spell. He took a strand of his hair, and set the book down on a stone tablet.

He went on with the spell, blue and golden light shined and he added the hair. Suddenly the light was turning darker! He quickly took his silver gloves off and threw them into the ball of light.

The ball circled around and then landed safely on the ground, then came a cry from the light, a child's cry.

It was a beautiful baby Fae.

It was very tiny, a weak girl that was crying until Jareth went and held her. Jareth had tears in his eyes, he didn't know if the child would make it. All he could do is wait.

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