Test Drive

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Zelda had been friends with Link for years. They went to the same school, Hyrule high, and sat next to each other in most classes.

She'd had a crush on him for the past year, but she would never have thought he could like her as more than a friend. See, she was popular...and he barely spoke to anyone but her. Really the only reason she was popular was that her parents were rich. She didn't care much for all of the attention, it wasn't real anyway, they just wanted to bask in her family's wealth. Well, that wasn't going to happen, because she had no direct access to any of her parent's money, only what they gave her in allowance.

She didn't buy much, just junk food and little trinkets that she liked, which left a sizable amount of money in the bank, and they wouldn't get their greedy hands on any of it.

Really the only big purchase she had ever made was to buy a truck. She had insisted on buying it herself and hadn't let her parents intercede. If it was just given to her it wouldn't be the same. So she had gotten a job and worked for a little while to supplement what was already in her account.... Then she bought a gold truck. It wasn't pristine like everything else she'd gotten in her life, far from it. It required a ton of work. Through this, the 'Princess of Hyrule High' knew more about cars than the average guy.

Link had helped her with the engine last month, and after school that day, they were going to replace the seat covers inside and then take it out for a drive for the first time. Call her weird, but she wanted it to be perfect before driving it.

At the end of her last class, she packed up her things and turned to Link. "You ready to go?" She asked as he put his binder away.

He nodded without saying anything and then started out the door first. She walked with him over to his car and got in as he unlocked it for her.

They drove home in silence. Link liked silence, especially after the bustle of school. They arrived at her mansion in a little under twenty minutes, and Zelda changed out of her school clothes into her 'work on the truck' clothes.

It took them only an hour or so to work on the seat. Zelda sat behind the wheel and curled her fingers around it. She felt so ready to drive it. "Hurry up!" she told Link as he got in beside her and buckled up. She put the truck in gear and then took off out of her large garage.

Link yelped slightly as he clung to his seat in shock and fear.

There was no one on the private road, it wasn't like she could hit someone. She shifted to third gear as they zoomed down the road, then she started to slow down as they reached the main road. She turned around violently and suddenly and drove back to the mansion.

She stopped just inside the garage and turned off the engine. She felt so satisfied with herself, but as soon as she looked at Link she burst out laughing. His face was drained of all color and he was clutching the seat like he feared for his life. "Hey Link, I'm done," she told him with a laugh and a smirk.

"I had no idea you could drive like that." He said as he let go of the seat and turned to face her.

"Well, I usually don't..." she said with a chagrined smile.

Link smiled faintly, but she could tell he was still spooked.

"Hey, listen, we should celebrate finishing the car."

"How do you think we should?"



"It's been on my bucket list for years! To go stargazing in the back of a truck... You fill it with loads of pillows and blankets and just park in the middle of a field or something and just stargaze for a while."

"....I've never stargazed before."

Zelda turned to him with her jaw dropped. "Are you kidding?? It's only the most amazing thing in the world!!" she yelled in disbelief. "We have to do it then! Come back here at eight, kay?"

Link smiled slightly at her enthusiasm. "Yeah, sure," he replied as he got into his own car. "See you at eight."

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