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Here is an Undertale theme song for ya guys!!!!!

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day. . .

" I'm so glad you found what you where looking for! "

" Yeah "
Levi and I were out shopping. We were having a hard time looking for a kimono that Levi wanted and we were finally able to buy it.

" I'm getting kind of tried. " Levi said as he put his arm around my shoulder.

" It's not like you to get tired so easily. "

" It's because you wouldn't let me sleep last night. "

" Wha. . . . !"

Levi's words made me turn bright red.

" What are you talking about? You're the one who was being so rowdy. . . . "

Levi smiled mischievously.

" N-never mind. "

I had a feeling that if I said any more, Levi would just use it to tease me. So I just kept my mouth shut.

" But yesterday wasn't totally satisfying. . . "

Levi said as he stroked my back.

" You're telling me that wasn't satisfying!"

"Maybe that's not the right word. . . . There wasn't enough tension. . . "

" What do you mean by 'tension?"

" Like. . . . Being consumed by a ..... Sense of danger? "

" But we've already slept together so many times. "

" Hmm, so sleeping with me isn't new and exciting anymore? "

" I-I didn't say that. . . and where do you think you're touching? "

Levi was slowly stroking the area around my butt.

" Where? Your butt."

" Please stop. We're in public. "

" Why should I stop? " Levi chuckled happily. " That's what's exciting! " Then Levi firmly grabbed my butt.

" S-stop it! "

" Are you giving me orders? "

" No, of course not. I'm asking you to stop. "

" That's a pretty haughty way to ask for something, don't you think? "

He grabbed my butt again. Hurriedly I asked again.

" Please don't touch my butt in public. "

Levi smirked at my request.

"N. O. NO."

" I asked asked you nicely. "

" Hmm, but you're giving me a look. It just looks like you're asking for more. "

" But. . . . "

" Anyway, you're my girl so I should be able to touch you whenever I want. "

" You made me ask you even though you weren't going to stop! ? "

" Nope. I want to touch you even more. "

" Ugh. . . "


~ Authors Note

What is Levi going to do, lets find out in the next chapter

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