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Jason's P.O.V

So there's a new kid that's really shy and the teacher

didn't even notice him. Me, Hazel ,Piper, Frank ,Leo and

Annabeth were curious about him and the girls of are

group were fangirling over him. At lunch we met up

with Nico and told him about the new kid. So we looked

around the cafeteria for him and he was in the back in

the darkest corner sitting at a small table eating a salad.

We approached him and he looked at us with wide eyes

but them pretended he didn't see us. We walked over to

him and sat down. I said casually "Hi what's your name

" he looked up and pulled out a piece of paper and

wrote 'Hi my names Perseus but just call me Percy'.

Why is he writing i womderd but before I could do

anything Leo asked "why are you writing instead of

talking" Annabeth yelled " Leo that's rude. Percy just

sighed and got up and left. " See what you've done leo

you scared away the super hot boy" Piper screamed.

That was interesting.

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