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The group of eight were walking along the forest path on their way to find the missing members of Tsuna's group. This time, as the group moved on, it wasn't as awkward because now there were two loud and peppy people who were in the group. Tsuna and Giotto both noted how alike the two and their extreme ways were. Yamamoto and Ugetsu were chatting happily, and Gokudera was staying close to Tsuna as G. was staying close to Giotto.

"The Guardians really are alike, huh." Tsuna thought to himself and smiled a little. Then he looked up at Giotto, who was leading the way through the forest. The tall man with his golden hair seemed reliable, strong, and like a true Vongola boss. Tsuna couldn't help but feel sad.

"There's no way a kid like me can compare to an amazing man like Giotto." Tsuna thought. He shook his head and tried to push the thought away.

"I can't be thinking about that now, first I need to find the others." Tsuna thought.

The group continued walking for awhile until they arrived at the end of the forest. Giotto stepped out of the forest onto the new grey path. In the distance there were a few buildings and it began to look like a town. The group followed behind and Ugestu started nodding his head.

"I see, we must be going over to get Alaude." He said. The younger generation looked at each other and all knew that Hibari would be the one with him.

"I wonder how Alaude is dealing with him." Gokudera muttered to Tsuna. Tsuna nodded in agreement.

"Knowing him, he probably tried to pick a fight with Alaude." Tsuna added.

The group arrived at the town and walked behind some buildings before arriving at a slightly larger building and they stopped.

"Alaude's in here." Giotto said before opening a door and heading inside. Ugestu held the door open as the rest of the group followed behind, single file, and headed upstairs. Inside, the place was quiet and Tsuna didn't have enough time to spot anyone else in the building other than themselves. The group continued on up the stairs until they reached the top floor and headed inside. The room was large and clean, there were two couches and a desk along with a bookshelf and a filing cabinet. Sitting at the table was Alaude, who was silently writing on a paper with a stack of paper next to him. He also had a book opened up next to him.

Sitting on one of the couches was Hibari, who was looking away from the group with an unreadable expression. None of them made a sound. Tsuna and his Guardians stared at Hibari in shock as he wasn't fighting, arguing, or even just walking away. Just then, Hibari shot a glance at the group who had entered the room and frowned.

"Eeek! Hibari hates crowding!" Tsuna though and took a fear back. His Guardians were thinking the same thing as they watched Hibari. Hibari looked away again and mumbled something under his breath. Giotto took a few steps forward and looked at Alaude. Alaude continued writing on the paper, but said,

"Hello, Giotto." He pointed at Hibari with his free hand (the other was writing). "We have an interesting guest today."

"I know." Giotto said calmly. He looked over at Hibari, and then back at Aluade, taking a few more steps until he was standing in front of the desk. The two started talking to each other, and it was too quiet for the others to hear. G., Ugetsu, and Knuckle all seemed to understand what was going on.

"Is that one of your friends you're looking for?" Ugestu asked Yamamoto.

Yamamoto nodded his head. "Yep, that's Hibari." The younger group watched nervously as Hibari eyed whole group and stood up.

"Daemon Spade?" Alaude said in a normal volume so everyone could hear again.

Giotto nodded.

"I saw him earlier with another kid." Alaude said. "They looked alike."

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