Wait for the next attack.

Easier said than done. It's hard to stand by and do nothing while someone guilty of a terrible crime is still on the loose. It is also troubling always looking around you and wondering Are you the attacker? or Could you be next?

But what if there is no second attack? Then what?

Classes begin to proceed normally, no longer are people scared to fall asleep with the knowledge that the attacker might be in their dorms. Victoria soon returns to normal, except for her constant paranoia. I've noticed her jump at the smallest sounds and her inability to be alone, always surrounded by a group of friends. Ethan is still fast asleep in the clinic. The only thing October seems to bring is cool air and more class work. I have finally given up on the hope of ever specializing and I begin to embrace that I am different.

Cora keeps us updated on the disappearances that are happening more frequently in the Elemental side of the world. No one pays much attention to the disappearances, but Cora seems more on edge with every report.

"Why are you so worried?" I asked her one night at dinner after she had finished telling me about another disappearance.

She had remained silent and the more it continued the more worried I became for her. The only reason why a carefree teenager would care so much would be if something happened. I let the subject drop for the time being, but it kept circling my thoughts along with all the others questions I had. Each question was like a title wave, flooding my mind with more and more questions than answers.

"Whatever it is you can tell me." I assured her later on that night in the girls dorm.

Cora breathed a sigh as she stared down at her history book.

"Aerona Vlasta was stopped less than fifteen years ago." Cora had replied, without turning away from the book which she held tightly in her hands.

"What does that have to do with the way you are acting?" I inquired.

Cora let the book drop onto her bed as she turned to me, her eyes pleading, like the one sentence could tell the whole story instead of having to go into detail.

"Fifteen years is plenty of time to bring someone like her back. F.E.A.R. is killing people, and recruiting people, and for all we know," her voice dropped to a whisper, "they could be inside these walls as we speak."

"You mean the attacker?"

She nodded, glancing around nervously, hoping that no one had heard the conversation. The look in her brown eyes, the panic, told me that there was more to the what she was saying, more to the story that had her so paranoid.

"That's not all, is it?" I wondered.

Cora didn't reply right away, silent to the point where I thought she wasn't going to reply at all. Finally she looked me in the eyes, putting up a mask trying to cover her true feelings to what was on her mind.

"Aerona Vlasta killed a lot of people." Cora finally said, standing up and moving to my bed to ensure that I was the only one to hear what she had to say. "Everyone knew someone that died."

"Did you?" I asked, finally connecting the dots. I didn't even need to ask to know her answer.

"I was very young." She began. "I don't remember any of it, but my mother told me everything that has happened. One night, a few members of F.E.A.R. broke into my house. My mother hid me and my brothers under the floorboard. F.E.A.R. apparently wanted to recruit my father. He was a very strong Elemental, he specialized in water, like me. He refused, said he would rather die. So...they killed him." Her voice finally gave way at the end, tears glistening in her brown eyes from the faint light of the Lumias.

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