The Secret Virgin

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"Alice have you got a story? Otherwise you can get out of my office and find one"

"No! I have one! Well I will have one"

I went into work early to try and catch Trevor in a good mood obviously it was a bad time.

"What do you want alice"

"I need you to get me to meet up with one direction" he sighs.

"Listen if this is just because you want to meet them for your own personal reasons then-"

"No! Oh i have a story waiting to be found. A secret" I then tell him about the conversation I had with Emma a few days ago. With every word that comes out of my mouth the more intrigued he became nodding and even smiling every few sentences.

"So you want to find this secret out?"

"Yep. Can you get me to meet them?"

He thinks for a moment before he shoots up and speaks "they have an award ceremony tomorrow night, I will get you to sit on the same table with them. I hope you have a plan to get this secret out"

"Oh yes sir. You wait. Just you wait"


I stepped into the building through the back door as not to be noticed by anyone, the plan for tonight is to befriend all of the one direction boys and then single out Niall. This will be strictly business. I need him. I need him I help my career.

"Pass" a big husky man stepped in front on me and I showed him my pass, his eyes widened and he stretched his arm out to the left "this way ma'am"

He led me to the oval table I thanked him and then he left. It was only 6:00 and the awards started at 7:00. An hour to kill. Well I might as well go meet some other people whilst in waiting.

I leave the table remembering where it is in the room and head backstage. There has to be a story somewhere.


"It was nice to meet you Alice" I took his hand and shook it.

"It was nice to meet you too David, now if you don't mind excusing me I must go freshen up before the camera starts to roll".

I walked slowly to the bathroom making sure I eyed up all the people loitering in the halls. I noticed ed Sheeran smiling and talking to a host. It suddenly hit me, I'm here I'm actually here. I pushed open the door and sat down in a cubical. I got my phone out and text Trevor

-I'm here I got a small story about David Tennant going to write up a a few things-

I quickly wrote something down on the note app and then stood up flushing the toilet as if I had actually been to the toilet and then I left.

Before heading back to the table I went up to the bar and ordered a coke and a packet of crisps. Although there would be food and drinks at the table I felt more comfortable with this. I turned round to see them, the one direction boys, settling down at the table.

I decided to do a circle around them before sitting down. With coke in hand and crisps in the other I walked.

"Who's sitting next to you Niall?"

"Alice..Alice Kingsdom..does anyone know her?"

"No sorry mate maybe it's a fan thing management did"

"I am not a fan. And I don't have anything to do with management thank you very much" I think I timed that well. I slumped down in my seat not giving anyone eye contact I let out a long sigh and then stood back up.

"Oh sorry. I just remembered I left my bag at the bar!"

"Don't worry about it love, I will get it. What colour is it?"

"It's green like the dress" I smiled at him. After the braces his teeth are now straight and they gave his face a lot of definition. I watched him leave and then decided to follow him.

"Just in case" I smiled at the rest of the boys and left them muttering to themselves.

He turned around just as I got close.

"Oh i didn't realise you followed"

"It's fine, thanks for the bag" I took it from his hand checking everything was in it.

"I didn't take anything from inside" I let out a laugh.

"No I'm sure you didn't. Anyway..I must be going"

"Are you not coming back to the table?"

"Yes I will. But this is a big place, I want to find some secret rooms and famous people"

"Im a famous person!" He tried to look offended.

"You're sweet. Uhm, did you want to join me or?"

"No I think I should stay with the rest of the lads"

"Oh sure, okay well ill see you then" I gave him a smile and walked away. I' give him one minute before he changes his mind' I think to myself.





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