OMG Im pregnant

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It has been a month since Jacob left for his business trip he called every chance he got just to make sure you are ok ..but this particular day you woke up having to run to the bathroom to throw up

*Phone rings* after you rinsed out your answer it n it was Jacob
Y/N- Hello
Jacob- hey beautiful how are you today
Y/n - im ok i don't really feel that well
Jacob- awww baby what's wrong
Y/n- i don't kno i just feel nauseous and i have stomach ache
Jacob- maybe you should go to the doctors
Y/n- i planned to since i have a doctor's appointment...oh speaking of doctor's appointment im suppose to be leaving now
Jacob- ok beautiful be safe on the road I Love You
Y/n- I Love You too hurry home I miss you and be safe..bye
Jacob- ok ttyl
Then you hung up
You showered then dressed in tights a tanktop with a cardigan that had a dreamcatcher on the back of it
You arrived to your doctor's they did the usual checkup but also asked for you to pee in a cup to check it for infections n for a pregnancy test
You waited in room 14 for the doctor to return and he opened the door 5 minutes later. Coming to you with a smile and you politely smile back as he asked..
Dr. Jones - so Ms. Y/n how are you
Y/n- im fine
Dr. Jones- have you experienced any problems with the baby
Y/n-???? what are you talking about not pregnant
Dr. Jones- well from your pee test that we ran it tells us that you are
Y/n- What *shocked* how far am i ....i didn't have any morning sickness...omg except this morning i did throw up
Dr. Jones- well from the test results you are a month
Y/n- huh?? are you serious
Dr. Jones- yes ma'am
You start to get emotional as you rubbed your stomach you were nervous but excited
Y/n- well thank you Dr. *smiling*
Dr. Jones- You are welcome n congrats now here is a list of things you need to add to your diet and when you should come in for your next appointment
You walk out the doctor's office smiling and excited to tell Jacob of the shocking news. You got home went upstairs n showered put on some comfortable clothes n went to the living room to watch tv. You picked up your cell phone n called Jacob as you smiled and rubbed your stomach
Jacob- hey was your doctor's appointment ...and i have some great news
Y/n- hey bae n it went very well n i have some great news too but you first
Jacob- ok so i will be coming home earlier than expected im so ready to see you n hold you again
Y/n- Omg yay i been missing you so much
Jacob- yes i kno i missed you more wat was your news beautiful
Y/n- well bae...*brief pause*....IM PREGNANT
Jacob-OH MY GOD Im going to be a dad are you serious
Y/n- yes
You can tell he is smiling on the other end of the phone
Jacob- baby I Love You I Love You so much im really excited to come home far along are you baby
Y/n- 1 month
Jacob- oh wow ..8 more to go ..we have to start planning for him or her
Y/n- yes i kno babe *you hear a man call his name in the background*
Jacob- oh well baby i have to go my boss needs me ...I Love You be safe with our baby
Y/n- I Love You too n i will
*he hung up*
You laid there on the couch watching tv with your had on your stomach as you drifted off to sleep

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