Crazy Enough: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

"Colonel Davenport," a voice said behind Alex. Both he and the colonel turned to see a comm officer standing at attention to the entrance of the base's headquarters, which was in reality the large dining room of a massive ranch home, compliments of the Mexican government.

"Report," Colonel Davenport barked.

"Sir...Miss Brooks, she..." The young man shifted, his eyes darting away.

"What about my daughter? Has she been found?"

"Sir, we tracked her location to a motel in Odessa, Texas, but..."

"But what?!"

The man straightened to a full salute. "She's missing, sir."

"Missing?" the colonel roared, and Alex wanted to roar right along with him.

Missing? Kidnapped? Or just another one of Corkie's crazy schemes. Alex turned and closed his eyes tight, making fists by his sides. Corkie, my little nińa...don't get yourself in trouble...if you're out there, go to the authorities...they can protect you.

She'd been trained well, he told himself. She had more guts than most men he knew. She'll be okay...right? Corkie? You are okay?

Alex noticed that Colonel Davenport had the same reaction to the news of his missing daughter. The man stood, eyes squeezed shut and mumbling under his breath. It had been Alex's idea to put Corkie in protective services until Espinoza was apprehended. The colonel wholeheartedly agreed, knowing full well what his daughter was like.

"Sir," the young officer went on. "She received a phone call by Henry Benson only minutes before the police reached the motel. We believe he tipped her off."

Now, the colonel turned purple. "Henry?! Damn that boy! He's always getting my little girl into trouble."

Alex nearly snorted. Corkie always got Corkie into trouble. "Henry?" he asked, turning back to the Colonel. "Is that your son', friend?"

Colonel Davenport's dark eyes flashed at Alex. "What do you know about Henry and Doug? She tell you about that?"

"Yes, sir."

"Did she also tell you that Henry is the man who whispers in her ear right before she jets off to unknown parts of the world?"

Alex blinked. "No...he's her informant?"

"Those two are stuck together like glue." The colonel turned back to the soldier at the door. "Inform me when she's found. The second she so much as pops her head up, I want her secured. Dismissed."

The comm officer saluted again and cut fast tracks to leave. Alex didn't blame him. Colonel Davenport had been in a foul mood ever since he learned of Corkie's adventures this past week. A part of Alex wanted to defend Corkie against her father's wrath, but he didn't dare. It wasn't his position to say something. He spent three days with that feisty, crazy woman, and he slept with her, repeatedly, but that didn't make him private to the Davenport family affairs.

Inhaling a deep breath, Colonel Davenport bent his head over the mission log they had been discussing before Corkie went missing. Alex asked, "Colonel, sir, Corkie also told me that Juan Romero is still alive. He could have been a valuable asset in securing Espinoza."

The colonel looked up at Alex. "Sounds like you're questioning my decisions on that, lieutenant."

"No, sir," Alex assured him. "I am merely curious as to why that information was not in the briefings."

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