Crazy Enough: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Alex had his mission; Corkie had hers—get her pictures, at all costs. And as their destination steadily approached and her Mexican adventure waned, Corkie thought fast. She had approximately ten to twelve hours to get her photos away from Alex. The border-crossing plan, by Ivan, was to hole up in a small hotel until he scouted out the best time to sneak Corkie across the river undetected. But if Alex left right away, thinking Ivan would take care of her—well, hell, then she was screwed. She guessed she could always ask Ivan to knock Alex out or something, but Ivan had always been more of a runner and hider than a fighter, and to ask him would insult his conscious. Besides, getting back what Alex stole from her was personal at this point. Corkie Brooks, and only she, would reclaim her property.

I wonder if Ivan has a spare bit of rope in the back of his truck...

Alex had been up all night, too, and surely he was tired. He might take a nap soon while they waited to get her butt back to America. Yeah, that could work. She could pretend to sleep, too, and then quickly hogtie him to a bed frame. She was pretty good about slipping a trucker's hitch when in a hurry...but that knot was too easy to untie. A constrictor knot was better, but difficult if the person wasn't cooperating. And Alex wouldn't cooperate.

Corkie sighed to herself as the outskirts of town dotted the horizon. Alex shifted in his seat, rubbing his leg against hers, and she smirked as another thought came to her, I can always seduce him.

And then she snorted, earning a suspicious glance from him. Yeah, that'll work. Clara tried to seduce him, and she was a professional. I don't stand a chance. The guy is a statue!

She looked down at groin and silently added, Literally. She'd been covertly watching him ever since that sex discussion. She kept seeing rigid movements every time she brushed up against him. He's gotta be uncomfortable. Corkie heard guys complain about the physical discomfort of going without sex for too long, and she always assumed that was an excuse for men to get laid on a regular basis. Corkie's breasts swelled when she got a little randy—like now—and that was annoying enough, so she could only imagine what guys went through.

Alex leaned over and quietly said, "Whatever it is you're thinking...stop it. It won't work."

She put on a pretty smile. "I don't know what you mean, Alex."

He looked down at her mouth and slowly drew his eyes up to hers. The lighter shade of gray, right there in the center, darkened as his pupils dilated. "You're going home—empty-handed," he said, "so cut it out."

She tilted her head closer to him, their noses nearly brushing, and she said, "I don't give up that easily, lieutenant. You should know that by now."

He stared at her for nearly half a mile. "Then I'm warning you now, nińa...don't start anything you don't intend to finish."

Corkie grinned. "Is that the soldier talking...or the man?"

His smile was slow and easy. "You don't do soldiers, remember? So, don't screw with me, Corkie. I won't be lenient with you, just because you're a colonel's daughter."

She decided to call his bluff. "Yes, you would...because I'm a colonel's daughter."

"You'll feel guilty afterward," he said.

"Then I'll feel guilty as I do a happy-dance," she returned.

He grunted. "Face it, Corkie. You might be crazy, but you're not stupid. I'm onto you, so don't think you can pull one of your tricks over me."

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