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Not #Alllivesmatter.

can we just drop the "#allivesmatter" thing, please? it doesn't make any sense.. at all!

yes, all lives matter, but the concept of #alllivesmatter is to make every black person shut up about their opinion on police brutality, you know?

i believe that all lives matter. we all matter. but it's clear that black people aren't even part of all lives anymore. also other minorities, but you get where i'm coming from, right?

white people will PROBABLY NOT go through what people of colour go through.

SOME OF THEM are used to being the ones to cause us to be tormented.

obviously, you guys have heard or maybe even seen a black person getting arrested or beaten up pretty badly by a white officer.

most of these stories always end up the same; the person of colour dies.

i've read an article that came out about a person of colour getting arrested for being unarmed, but even with nothing on them, police will still suspect "they were up to no good."

if people ACTUALLY believe in #allivesmatter, they're part of the problem.

white lifestyle has always been fine and great with the government & stuff.

if i'm wrong, feel free to correct me, but that's because it's ran by a majority and in this case, the majority is white, right?

almost three years ago, my white friend tried telling me that she has had "racist remarks" towards her. by being called a "white girl" by a group of black people.

do not come to me like "ugh, that shit hurted!!"

want to know what's going to hurt?

being called a "black monkey." or even worse, a "nigger." be lucky that someone didn't degrade you & compare you to an animal or use a derogatory term to describe you.

let me just say, that situation with the white girl stuff? that's not racism.. it's called using common sense. you can't act like being called by your skin tone is racist.

even if they get called something like white girl, they won't be anywhere near to experiencing the real pain of racism.

being called a 'nigger' by a white woman alone is worse than being called 'white girl' by a group of black people.

they never had to go through 300 years of opression. they aren't the ones constantly getting shot by cops. nobody finds excuses to kill them.

how come white image is always so clean, huh? when black people are always considered the most ignorant things ever.

we're not all in gangs, white people get theirselves in gangs, too.

we don't drop out of school.
a lot of white people drop out of school. (from what i know)

we aren't bad influences, either. you guys can have a whole lunch table of white people sitting together and nobody's going to say anything, even if they're being the loudest people in the room.

but when it's 5 or something black kids just hanging, minding their own business, you guys are going to watch them like hawks and think they're up to no good.

okay, i'm terribly sick and i just had to write this down. [idea inspired by disdeek]

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