Crazy Enough: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Corkie attacked her plate of cold enchiladas like she wanted to strike at that man up there. How superior could one person get? Well...Alex took the whole cake on that one—with the ice cream, the appetizers and the steak dinner thrown in, too. So, she had nightmares. So what? Yes, she was going to have some emotional scars after what she'd been through, but did he have to be such an ass about it? Like he was such a freaking superhuman that he didn't have bad memories? God, what a jerk!

She finished eating and sat back in her chair to breath normally. The girls around the table, joining her for dinner before the house opened up to clients, had not said a word since she snarled out a particularly violent profanity when she entered the kitchen, and she felt bad for it. She didn't need to open up her can of worms in their presence. Everyone here had been so kind and helpful, and Corkie liked all the girls she'd met so far. They were good people, living the best they could in the situations that life served them.

"Sorry," she said across the table with a small smile.

The girl, Mia, grinned at her. "That is fine," she returned. "Men are often the reasons behind our foul mouths. We are not unfamiliar with any of it."

Corkie had half a mind to ask these girls if they would assist her in strapping Alex down long enough for her to get her camera card from him and flee into the desert. But that wouldn't work. She was still too far away from the border, and she knew Alex would catch up with her before she could cross over. She'd just have to wait for that right moment. She'd get her pictures back, if it was the last thing she did in Mexico. And it probably would be.

For the next hour, Corkie chatted with the girls of the house as they filtered into the kitchen that early evening. The beer came out, and Corkie drank two hearty glasses as they laughed and shared stories amongst themselves. Now Alex...oh, Clara and Mia had a lot to say about him. Mostly appreciative comments that Corkie didn't really want to hear. She didn't want to like him right now. Later, she'd forgive him, because that's how she was, but for now...he could just stuff it!

Clara and Mia giggled to each other as they talked about him bathing last night and how he turned down their offers, and Corkie's temper spiked. He just walked around naked in front of them? Two strangers! Jeez...what a pompous ass. Yeah, he didn't partake in the two girls' invitations, but big deal. He seemed quite proud of his body, if he was that bold about it. Clara went on to describe—in detail—how marvelous he marvelously endowed, and Corkie downed another beer to hide the heat in her cheeks.

That man affected her enough, with his piercing gray eyes and fully-clothed body. She didn't want to know about the rest of it. Especially since she won't be sampling any of it. Her mind wandered back upstairs, when his thumb caressed her lip and it had tingled from his touch. He said she did he put it? Crazy beautiful. Had he considered kissing her?

And how would he kiss? Rough, savage, controlling? Or gentle, slow and cultivated? She just didn't know. Sometimes, she saw both sides to him, making it impossible to guess on his lovemaking skills...

"Corkie,' Marta announced, entering the kitchen and startling her out of her fantasies. "I received notice from Ivan. He said he has been delayed, and may not make it here until morning. You and Senor Alex are welcome to stay another night."

"Thank you, Marta," Corkie said. "I cannot tell you how much I, at least, appreciate your help."

Marta cast Corkie a sly, soft smile. "Senor Alex is also appreciative, Corkie. I think he feels very deeply for you. But he is a man, and his emotions are not as open as ours."

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