Zara loved Diagon Alley. She really did. And as she and Hermione walked towards the wand shop, she couldn't help but stare at everything and everyone. It was quite embarrassing, but she wasn't particularly bothered. They could deal with the staring, since everybody was staring at her.

"I think they're all wondering who you are." Hermione said, as they walked into Ollivanders. "Especially since you can't tell you're a witch."

An old man greeted them inside the shop, his grey hair sticking up in several directions, eyes bright.

"Hello, Mr Ollivander." Hermione smiled.

"Ah, Hermione Granger." he said, his voice raspy. "Ten and three quarter inches, vine wood, dragon heart string core. The wand of a very bright witch. I do hope you aren't in need of another, I was very proud of that particular one..."

"Not me sir," she replied. "My friend. Zara Afasy."

"Pleased to meet you." Zara smiled, uncomfortable under Ollivander's gaze.

"And you, Miss Afasy." he nodded, before sending a tape measure whizzing towards her. It measured her height, width, tongue, hair, fingernails and several more before whizzing back onto the table.

Mr Ollivander darted to the back of the shop and returned carrying a pile of a long rectangular boxes.

And the magic finally began.

After leaving the wand shop Zara was very happy to say she had a wand. Ten and a half inches, hawthorn wood with a dragon heart string core. And she was very proud of the slender piece of wood now stuffed into the back pocket of her boyfriend jeans.

The day went by very quickly, she and Hermione visited many shops and stalls, but Zara was just one hundred percent in love with the book shop.

"I'm so glad somebody else appreciates it as much as me!" Hermione grinned as they walked back onto the cobble stoned streets. "The boys only ever go in there to get the school books, and they leave so quickly! It's a pity really."

"Yeah," Zara started to say. "A real pity..."

But her train of thought went off the rails when her eyes met a familiar pair of grey ones in the crowd. Draco looked at her as she froze, but didn't advance. He simply narrowed his eyes with a confused frown, before turning away and walking down a side street casually.

"Zara..." Hermione looked at her with a panicked expression, her eyes darting between Zara and the side street where Draco had now disappeared into."Zara, we really shouldn-"

"I'll be right back." was all she replied before darting through the sea of people. She could see Hermione following her out of the corner of her eye, but Zara didn't care.

Why had Draco ignored her so blatantly? Where on earth was he headed to? This nasty side street seemed like somewhere dodgy...

"Zara!" Hermione had caught up and grabbed her hand as Zara entered the alleyway. "This is Knockturn Alley! We can't be in here!"

"Why on earth not?" she asked, slightly annoyed.

"Because it's notorious for the Dark Arts that's why." said a voice from behind them. Draco was leaning against a wall, his hands in the pockets of his black suit pants, a smirk on his face. "But you'll be fine if you keep your head down. I think we need to have a word in the meantime, though, don't we?"

"Zara, seriously-"

"Oh, shut it Granger." Draco said in bored voice, rolling his eyes. "I'm not going to murder her. Trust me for once."

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